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President Igor Dodon announced a hot autumn. In the talk show “Direct access” on NTV Moldova channel, he said: “I think the Socialists in autumn should mount large-scale protests, but not against one or another, but should go out and explain to the people who those who have ruled the country during the past nine years are”. This is a strange statement. We understand that the large-scale protests are anyway resounding events and they unavoidably attract the people’s attention. But for now our attention is attracted by the President’s assurance that by identifying those who ruled during the past nine years, the planned massive protests will not be aimed against these?! So, most probably, there will be staged propagandistic demonstrations aimed at stimulating the masses’ fury. How this is done, we know from the undying Ilf and Petrov, as the parliamentary elections are coming.

Let’s admit that the massive protests will involve as many participants as the massive protests of September 2017. The curiosity here is what new could the protesters find out from the Socialist organizers of the protests? As all the things that could have been said about the current government, either we calculate its term in power since 2009 or since January 2016, have been explained by the Socialists two years ago, in the autumn of 2016. This last finding can explain why the massive protests will not be against one or another, but for .... As a matter of fact, after those explanations that were perfectly underwood by the citizens, the representative of the Socialists Igor Dodon became Head of State and, respectively, part of the government. Evidently, the massive protests he announced cannot be aimed against the government, especially because the victory of Socialist candidate Igor Dodon in the presidential elections was won including with the incontestable support of the propaganda of the media holding of the ruling Democratic Party (PDM).

In such circumstances, in the announced massive protests the Socialists should better explain to the people who invented the story about the 30,000 Syrians who would have reached Moldova if the elections had been won by Dodon’s opponent; who intensely spread that propagandistic invention; who was punished for the dissemination of the given fake news?  But this is not everything the Socialists should remind the participants in the autumn massive protests of. If they announced they would disclose the activity of the government of the past nine years, it is very important to remind and explain to the people what happened actually on March 16, 2012, only six years ago, as this period is contained in the nine years of the planned disclosure. Then, the Socialists had the biggest chance of acting so that no one would have remembered the current government in all its variations. Three votes torn away from the Communist parliamentary group, of Socialist turncoats Igor Dodon, Zinaida Greceanzi and their colleague Veronica Abramciuc, extended the government’s life  by another six years, until now. This is an incontestable truth and this is a topic that should be discussed in the autumn massive protests. But this will not happen as the propagandistic activities aim not to elucidate facts, but to manipulate the public opinion by distorting them or by omitting important events.

The Socialists understand that it would be ridiculous to aim the protests against the pro-European opposition, especially because this is already mercilessly struck by the propagandistic machinery of the government. However, the Socialists have what to scare the pro-European opposition with as the Head of State informed the whole world that he plans to strategically develop the Republic of Moldova by saying: Our goal is to modernize an develop the Republic of Moldova. The reforms will be done exclusively for the peoples benefit. We will work out a strategic reform plan so that when the subject of Moldovas entry into the European Union is debated, the country is prepared from all the viewpoints. So, the opposition could remain without a message in the upcoming parliamentary elections. The Socialist protesters should also be informed about the new prospects of confiscating the opposition’s voters.

Now, if the massive protest of the Socialists cannot be aimed against the government and against the opposition, it should be probably aimed against the Shor Party? As the leader of this party boasts that by his social storesMerry-Shor” he attracted over 200,000 supporters from socially deprived groups. But these are mainly traditional voters of the Socialists. Moreover, the commercial activity of the Shor Party, through the agency of the “social stores”, perfectly matches the Penal Code’s provisions concerning voter corruption. But the Socialists cannot aim their protests against the so-called charity activities of the Shor Party as the Socialists do the same through the foundations Solutia” and From the Hear”. So, the protest against Shor can have a boomerang effect.  

Thus, we will have massive protests in autumn that will actually be not protests, but rituals to fuel the masses’ fury. We can intuited that the events planned by the Socialists will focus on the hindrances placed by the government on the path of President Dodon as the demonstrations will coincide with half of the President’s term in office! What new can he tell the citizens to which he explained exactly how the current government is two years ago? Nothing! So, he should explain them why things didn’t move or even worsened. The conclusion that the Socialists will try to cultivate in the people’s minds can be anticipated – they should be voted massively in the upcoming parliamentary election and then... 

IPN experts

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