Marina Tauber: Ilan Shor's life and security are at risk

The life and security of Ilan Shor, the leader of Shor Party, are at risk now. For these reasons, his team decided not to appear in the public space. The statement belongs to Marina Tauber, the vice president of the Shor Party. Speaking on the TVC21 talk show "Important", Tauber said that Ilan Shor would soon hold a press conference and everyone would be able to learn more details directly from him, IPN reports.

Marina Tauber mentioned that she had known Ilan Shor for over 22 years, as they were classmates and worked on multiple joint projects. According to her, Ilan Shor's team doesn’t consider him guilty. Moreover, the parliamentarian says that within the party represented by him there are no corrupt people.

Asked about the Orhei former mayor and current MP whereabouts, Marina Tauber said, “I cannot give any answers for other people. Even if they are party colleagues, he doesn’t report to them on daily basis where he is and what he is doing”. “The life and security of our leader Ilan Shor are at risk. And in this regard, a decision was made by us, his team, not to appear in the public space. I believe it's quite clear what danger to life and security and why I don't comment on where he is and what he does,” Marina Tauber said.

The deputy leader of the formation says that, as Ilan Shor also promised, by telephone, during the protest at the Supreme Court of Justice, a press conference with his direct participation will be organized soon. The deputy also noted that Prime Minister Maia Sandu “by telling the judges what decisions to take, puts an enormous pressure on the judiciary and the Ilan Shor case".

Asked about the Kroll report, Marina Tauber said that her name is really there because she was a shareholder at Unibank. “The question is, if this is a violation of law - because the report doesn’t mention that I have any fault or that I have broken the law,” she said.

On another note, Tauber says that details about the party's participation in the local elections will be presented soon. According to her, there are several options, including for the capital, as "the party is interested in Chisinau". For other details, including candidates, a press conference will be organized.

She also said that parliamentary activity was not what she expected, because her party came to change things for the better, but their initiatives weren’t accepted by the parliamentary majority. Or, the initiatives of Shor Party have been tested at the locality level - social projects, infrastructure, etc.

In June 2017, Ilan Shor was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for his role in the $1B bank fraud. The sentence was challenged in the Appeals Court, yet a final ruling has not been issued to date. About a month ago Ilan Shor reportedly sneaked out of the country in breach of his bail conditions. Exiting the country bypassing border and customs formalities is itself a criminal offense for which Shor faces a hefty fine or up to 2 years in prison.

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