Mariana Tauber stripped of parliamentary immunity

Shor Party MP Marina Tauber remained without parliamentary immunity. The legislative body accepted the acting prosecutor general Ion Munteanu’s request to lift the immunity for the MP to be arrested and the criminal case featuring Tauber to be sent to court. The three relevant requests were examined in the absence of the MP, IPN reports.

Marina Tauberis is accused of falsifying reports on election campaign funding during the snap local mayoral elections held in the municipality of Balti on November 21, 2021.”By a pre-established plan, in the campaign prior to the Balti mayoral elections of November 21, 2021, she accepted 9.752 million lei from an organized criminal group and illegally introduced 740,000 lei of this sum in donation applications in the name of 104 private individuals, who in reality didn’t donate this sum,” Ion Munteanu stated in Parliament.

According to prosecutors, the Shor Party in October-November 2021 invested over 9 million lei in the election campaign at a time when the Central Election Commission set a cap of 749,000 lei per candidate running in the snap mayoral elections in Balti.

The MP is also accused of violating the method of managing the financial resources of political parties or the electoral funds and of consciously accepting financing for the political party, the initiative group or the electoral contender from an organized criminal group, including between July 13, 2022 and May 1, 2023.

Marina Tauber, who is under house arrest, didn’t come to the Parliament sitting. Earlier, the Shor Party’s MPs announced that they will boycott the sittings. In this connection, the deputy head of the legal commission for appointments and immunities Veronica Roșca said that Marina Tauber, together with her lawyers, took part in the commission’s meeting on Thursday. Prosecutors informed the MP that she is allowed to leave her home to attend the Parliament sitting.

The draft decision was adopted by the votes of 59 MPs of the Party of Action and Solidarity. The MPs of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists abstained.

In a press release issued by the Shor Party, the MP is quoted as saying that the request by the Prosecutor General’s Office to strip her of parliamentary immunity and the sanctions imposed by the European Union make her realize that she follows the right path and she should be proud and stronger in the fight for the independence, sovereignty and statehood of Moldova.

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