Marian Lupu: efficient activity of GUAM will allow member-states to approach European community

GUAM changed a lot, but those values which united the member-states remained the same, these following the future in the common family of the European states. GUAM’s efficient activity will allow member-states to approach more easily to the European community, declared the Moldovan speaker, Marian Lupu in the opening of the Parliamentary Assembly of GUAM, which took place in Chisinau. Lupu declared that the European integration vector chosen by the member-states demands new necessities not just in foreign policies, but also in internal ones, a fact that involves the participation in this process of the legislative structures. Taking these into consideration, it can be concluded that parliamentary diplomacy as well as active participating of MPs in regional and international structures represents the surest and the most successful way for realizing the proposed goals. In his speech, the speaker described the recent activity of GUAM, mentioning that the organization became more active. Among the most important activities, he mentioned the election of the secretary-general of GUAM, the declarations of non-recognition of the so-called Transnistrian referendum. Lupu also pleaded for a more pronounced activity of the GUAM committees. As part of the workings of the third meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly, Lupu had a bilateral meeting with Adam Martiniuk, deputy chairman of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine. According to a communiqué from the Parliament, the 2 officials talked about increasing efficiency of the Moldovan - Ukrainian cooperation at the parliamentary level and identification of practical mechanisms of collaboration in economic, energetic, investment, and cultural fields. The collocutors also pronounced for promoting cultural values of both Moldovan and Ukrainian diasporas from the two states. In the context, Lupu addressed an official invitation to his Ukrainian counterpart to visit RM. At the same time, Adam Martiniuk affirmed that Ukraine’s position in the Transnistria problem will not change. Official Kiev pleads for the peaceful settlement of the conflict, with the respect of the principle of territorial integrity of the R. of Moldova. At the workings of the assembly participated speakers or deputy speakers of the member-states’ legislatives, and, as honored guests, the representatives of the parliaments of Romania and Lithuania. Among the topics discussed as part of the forum were those concerning the perspectives for development of co-operation aiming the assurance of democracy and economic collaboration of member-states, after the creation of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development; the consolidation of efforts of GUAM states and those of the international community in what concerns the regulation of frozen conflicts etc. The Chisinau PA of GUAM has marked the finalization of the RM presidency in this structure, which was passed on to Azerbaijan.

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