Maib brand's tone of voice in customer communication

Maib announces the approval and implementation of the tone of voice in customer communication, which characterises not so much what we communicate with customers but how we do it, defining the linguistic identity of the maib brand. Adjusting the tone of voice, especially on digital channels, improving communication in an even friendlier way, without barriers, and directly addressing on a first-name basis, we aim as a brand to be closer to every customer, regardless of age and location.

Maib's tone of voice and communication express the brand character and personality. At the same time, they sum up the emotions, attitude, and style conveyed through words.

Essentially, communication with customers will be guided by the following behaviours:

  • professional - we will communicate in an informed and organised manner;
  • transparent, simple and clear - honest, clear, without hidden meanings;
  • polite and respectful - we will appreciate and show respect;
  • solution-oriented and supportive - we will take a constructive approach, offer support, identify reasonable solutions and comply with rules; 
  • positive - we communicate empathetically and identify a positive aspect in every situation, guided by good intentions.
  • customised - flexible, we identify tailored solutions that meet customers' needs and provide fast solutions.

Wishing to be as close as possible to maib customers, to communicate without barriers and peer-to-peer, we will address our customers on a first-name basis in communication on digital channels. In the physical network, we aim to address the first contact with the customer as "Mr/Mrs/Ms"; if it is comfortable for the customer, we will switch to a first-name basis. We will do the same for calls to the Contact Center.

In our communication, we will not use slang, hate speech, informal language, exaggerations or superlatives, hostile or offensive words, technical terms, ambiguities or interpretable notions, discriminatory, unprofessional or inappropriate language. Instead, we will opt for language that is empathetic, inclusive, professional, fair, attentive, warm, friendly, constructive and solution-oriented, authentic and simultaneously human, modern, innovative, trustworthy, playful, with positive emotions. We will take responsibility when something goes wrong and inform customers about situations that arise.

On all maib channels we will communicate smiling, believing that whether our customer will see it or will remain at the end of the line, it will be felt by the customer in the tone of the conversation.

Be part of maib communication!

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