Maia Sandu: You vote against the government because you are afraid of real justice

"I understand that you oppose justice. I understand that you oppose the people of this country, because you have forgotten that you must serve the people. You don't even have the courage to take on this responsibility and this vote. You are such cowards that you cannot admit the real reason why you are voting against this government, which is that you are afraid of real justice. Today, you have not only betrayed a government that defends the interests of the people, but you have betrayed every citizen". Prime Minister Maia Sandu made the statement during the Parliament plenary session before the motion of censure was put to the vote.

"You got scared when the government committed to finding a General Prosecutor that would jail the thieves, instead of executing political orders. You got so scared so hard that you decided to oust the government. However, you have forgotten one important thing - the power of this government is the people. These people have overturned a dictatorship. They will overturn anyone who defies their will", said Maia Sandu.

"You decided to get rid of us after we brought money into the country, we opened the door for Moldova to European capitals, we started to change the country. You decided to get rid of us when we stopped public money embezzlement. Worst of all, you decided to get rid of us when we started to improve people's lives and to distribute budget funds in order to help the needy, to increase social assistance and to increase people's salaries", Maia Sandu said.

Upon taking the floor, Șor Party MP, Denis Ulanov, said that the political games played by the ruling coalition members lead to a political crisis, which in turn will generate an economic crisis. According to the MP, it is clear that the apple of discord is the General Prosecutor position, which was supposed to be common ground. The MP reminded that the Șor Party group has put forward a bill that provided for the General Prosecutor to be elected through democratic vote by the people. According to him, the ruling coalition lacked the needed political will for the enactment of this bill. Denis Ulanov said that he hopes that snap elections will soon be held and the voters will make the right choice. Moreover, the MP said that the Șor Party group refused to vote because it does not want to get involved in political games.

Pavel Filip, the Democratic Party group chairman, said that "today we are not examining the possibility of dismissing the Government, but Maia Sandu's decision to leave the government and to launch an election campaign". According to Pavel Filip, this cabinet "is the most incompetent executive in the history of the Republic of Moldova. For 5 months, it did not carry out any project for the people". "The Democratic Party will support the ACUM's decision to leave office and will vote in favour of the motion of censure. We are still open to talks and communication, however, we should engage in talks from positions of equality", said Pavel Filip.

The PAS group chairman, ACUM bloc, Igor Grosu, said that the authors of the motion of censure were wrong in their accusations. While they started from the General Prosecutor selection issue, they went completely in another direction, accusing economic disaster. According to him, this government, even in the context of the corruption it inherited from the previous one, managed to re-establish relations with development partners, to rectify the budget and to honor all the commitments towards the citizens.

The ACUM group chairman, DA platform, Alexandru Slusari, said that the "PSRM is ready to blow the country up on the verge of the cold season, when the social budget is approved". According to the MP, over the course of five months, common ground was found on various important issues, including on the Inquiry Commission into the bank fraud and on the development of the agro-industrial sector. "Why did we stumble while tackling the issue of justice? Together, we assumed responsibility for the current interim General Prosecutor and there is some progress related to the Prosecutor's Office, in contrast to the results of all other contests. However, any other reform will not have the expected effect if we do not implement justice reform", said the MP.

The PSRM MP, Bogdan Țîrdea, said that the Sandu government is only successful on Facebook. It is "a by Facebook government for Facebook, not by the people and for the people". "ACUM accused us of engaging in backdoor politics, yet according to Mr. Diacov, ACUM contacted the Democrats three times during the day and four times during the night. ACUM MPs turn to their prosecutor in order to request the arrest of the president of the country on aberrant grounds. Does that feel normal? Who is engaging in backdoor politics?", said the MP.

The Cabinet of Ministers led by Prime Minister Maia Sandu was dismissed today, November 12, during the Parliament's plenary session. 63 PSRM and Democratic MP's voted in favor of the motion of censure which was filed by the Socialist Party group. Șor Party group MPs abstained from voting.

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