Maia Sandu will run in presidential elections if ...

The leader of the Action and Solidary Party (PAS) Maia Sandu, ex-Premier, said she will run in next year’s presidential elections if such a decision is taken inside the ACUM bloc. However, the subject was discussed inside the PAS and no decision to this effect has been yet made, IPN reports.

Maia Sandu said it would be opportune for the ACUM bloc to have a common candidate in the upcoming presidential elections. After a decision is taken by the PAS, the subject will be discussed with the partners from the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform”. “If such a decision is reached, I will evidently become involved as this is what we should do now: stop Igor Dodon and bring him to justice so that he answers for what he did and for what he intends to do,” Maia Sandu stated in the program “Politics of Natalia Morari” on TV8 channel.

The former Prime Minister noted the ACUM bloc should do its best to shorten the life of the current executive and return to power. This is the bloc’s objective, as is the removal of President Dodon at the next elections. “In June, it was clear that we cannot struggle on two fronts: against Plahotniuc and against Dodon. It was clear that we were to get rid of the most toxic one. At that moment, that was Plahotniuc. The people confirm this when I go to discuss with them. We offered them this pause so as to free them from the terror and pressure imposed by Plahotniuc. It was clear that we will have to struggle also against Dodon at a certain moment”.

The politician admitted that particular animosities appeared inside the ACUM bloc. “There were situations that led to particular coldness inside the ACUM bloc. In some of the districts, particular people of the DA Platform chose to vote with the PDM and PSRM and ACUM thus remained without the chance of having district heads there. We could have had district heads of ACUM in at least five more districts if everyone voted appropriately. Our mates from the PPDA said they will penalize and remove from the party those who stayed. We hope this will happen. It’s clear that there is particular anger between our colleagues, especially at the local level,” said Maia Sandu.

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