Maia Sandu: We can no longer tolerate being deceived by this corrupt regime

“We can no longer tolerate being deceived by this corrupt regime. We can no longer tolerate being robbed by this authoritarian regime. We can no longer tolerate dying in the hospital when we have yet days to live. We can no longer educate the children with salaries lower than the subsistence minimum. We can no longer die because of miserable pensions. We cannot allow them to humiliate us further!” the leader of the Party “Action and Solidarity” Maia Sandu stated before the people who came to take part in the protest staged by the National Resistance Movement ACUM on August 26. The politician said the people who 27 years ago came together here gathered again, but now they are sadder, more tired and, possibly, less confident as they were forced to leave home, IPN reports.

“Do we ask too much? No. We ask for simple, human things. What we ask represents the good. What they want is luxury at our expense. They want to be able to rob us further. They want to be able to remain at the top of the power and to humiliate us. Today they showed once again what plans they have in relation to the free people. Our struggle becomes harder, but we will not give up,” stated Maia Sandu.

She said the people will not give up as this county belongs to them and if this country was not struck by corruption, it would have villages full of children, happy grandparents, educated and working young people, doctors with sufficient salaries - a country where the people who worked all their life and retired are supported by the state.

“We can build this country and this is possible, but we should get rid of this regime to be able to do this. We can build a country where no one is above the law, where the judges, prosecutors and lawyers are upright and we respect them. We can build a country were the thieves do not enter Parliament, the Government or the mayor’s office, but directly the jails and their property is confiscated and given back to the people,” stated the politician. 

Maia Sandu said everything depends on the people’s capacity to make common cause, to unite before the authoritarian regime and to go on. “We, together with those who came here to our protests from the country’s districts and villages, together with the support of the international community, can beat this authoritarian corrupt regime,” said the PAS leader.

A part of the protesters will remain in the central square of Chisinau overnight so as to celebrate the Independence Day on August 27.

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