Maia Sandu: We are in a bad situation because we do not have an efficient energy system

The political administration of the Republic of Moldova is preoccupied with the difficulties that the citizens with small and average incomes are expected to encounter so as to offer them assistance. But the solving of the problem also depends on the improvement of the energy system of the Republic of Moldova. “It is an unhappy situation. The Government offers the subsidies it can offer depending on the available resources. But not the Government increases these prices. The prices grow worldwide. We, as an economy, as a country are regrettably in a bad situation as not many things were done in time for having a different energy system than the current one,” President Maia Sandu stated in a news conference on November 19.

Maia Sandu was asked by IPN how we can avoid a humanitarian crisis determined by the consequent rises in the prices of food and services following the higher gas rates. “We are very much concerned about the situation of the people with low incomes and not only. We realize that the people with average incomes are also affected by these rises. And this happens everywhere, including in countries with a more developed economy. The people have objections to the rise in the prices of energy. In our case, the Government will provide subsidies primarily to those with lower incomes and will subsidize a particular amount of gas for a rather large category,” she explained.

“The people who use a particular volume of gas will incur lower costs. Those who have large houses and consume a large amount of gas are probably persons who have higher incomes. If they do not have very large incomes, this is a reason to think again about energy efficiently. We discussed with the EU and asked for larger funds the coming years so that we can invest in energy efficiency. Here, I refer to apartment buildings in our towns as a lot of energy is spent for heating them. But we can pay less if there is this thermal insulation that can be done with the contribution of the state,” stated Maia Sandu.

The official referred to the higher heat rates, reminding that the Government already announced that it will partially subsidize the rise.

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