Maia Sandu: Today, as every morning, I woke up with good thoughts

The Party of Action and Solidarity’s candidate for President Maia Sandu cast her ballot. She came to the polling station accompanied by a group of supporters, a part of the PAS team, IPN reports.

Maia Sandu called on all the citizens to vote either they are at home or in the diaspora. “Dear citizens, today it is your day. The power is in your hands today. Today you can punish those who lied to you, robbed you, impoverished you and made you leave home. Today we decide how the people in the Republic of Moldova will live during the next four years. Today we decide how the Republic of Moldova will start a new decade. For the purpose, we should go and vote. When the people unite and take decisions, things can be changed. I today voted for a change, for a Moldova in which the people look at tomorrow with confidence and live in joy, alongside their families, and grow older in decent conditions,” stated the PAS candidate, who also spoke Russian.

Maia Sandu also addressed the employees of state institutions. “Don’t allow to be engaged in election rigging schemes. We all deserve to have free and fair elections after which we will follow a normal path and no one will be able to humiliate you and use you for personal purposes and to endanger your status of employees of state institutions,” she stated.

The PAS leader said she will be at her office today so as to receive calls and information from her mates from the local level. If need be, she will go to talk to them.

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