Maia Sandu: Those who protest today are paid with money stolen from all citizens

The state will respect the citizens’ right to protest peacefully. But the institutions should not allow provocations. The law enforcement agencies must promptly identity the sources of illegal financing of those who pay for participation in the protest and to harshly punish any aggression, provocation or destabilization attempt, President Maia Sandu stated in a news conference centering on the meeting of the Supreme Security Council, IPN reports.

The official said that amid the expanding difficulties and external threats, the criminal groups that had robbed the country the last 30 years have combined their forces. “We respect the citizens’ right to protest but all the attempts to transform these protests into violent acts aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country must be penalized by the state institutions. I have a question to the judges who haven’t yet tried the case of thief Shor as we have waited for these court decisions for many years. It is very clear that these people who protest today are paid with money stolen from all the citizens of the Republic of Moldova,” stated Maia Sandu.

“The expectations of citizens are that the law enforcement agencies will penalize those involved in grand correction and will confiscate their property. These criminal groups continue to have access to the financial resources stolen from us, the citizens. The corrupt persons do their best, using illegal financing and corrupting judges and prosecutors, to weaken the state and get rid of punishment,” stated Maia Sandu. She noted it is seen that some of the offenders try to become geopolitical players. They try to manipulate the privileged relations with the Russian Federation. Amid the escalation of the war in Ukraine, the attempts to destabilize the internal situation have been stepped up.

“The groups supported by offenders and other external players amplified the war propaganda and fake news about the war in social media. I recommended the state institutions to make the penalties harsher for those who justify and promote the war, those who invite the aggressors to the Republic of Moldova. Also, harsher penalties are needed for treason and for promotion of separatism,” said the official.

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