Maia Sandu: Those who are in power lie when they say testing is not necessary

The leader of the Party of Action and Solidary (PAS) Maia Sandu said the party’s conditions for supporting the assumption of responsibility by the Government were minimal. The ex-Premier considers the budget proposed by the Government is not sufficient for helping the national economy and agriculture, IPN reports.

“Our first condition concerns the agricultural sector. We asked that the state budget should be increased by at least 300 million lei, even if this is also not enough, for compensating the farmers for a part of their losses. All the farmers, in all the districts have suffered considerable losses owing to the natural disasters. We asked that money should be allocated at least for the hospitality industry, which was kept closed by the Government for three months. This now reopened, but cannot function normally by far. The people there suffer very big losses and all face closure. Money should be allocated for covering the salaries for three months for them,” Maia Sandu stated in the talk show “In Depth” on PRO TV channel.

The third condition of the PAS was to allocate sufficient funds for purchasing tests for detecting the novel coronavirus. “Those who are in power lie when they say that testing is not necessary. If we don’t do tests, how can we know who got infected and should be isolated and how will we stop the spread of the virus and return to normality?”

As to the number of persons tested by the authorities, Maia Sandu said it is not clear why so few tests are performed.  “They probably don’t have tests and testing capacity, but the related problems should have been solved by now. They never said it openly that they don’t have enough tests and thus cannot do more tests. They always said that we have sufficient tests, but they decided to test only a particular number of people.”

Maia Sandu called on the authorities to stop saying that everything is fine. She believes a team of expert epidemiologists could adopt the measures needed to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

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