Maia Sandu: The true power is in people

"I want to tell the citizens that it was an honour for me to represent them in these five months and I want to remind them that the real power is in them, in people. We have never been power-hungry. We have used the power to improve the lives of citizens and as a means to improve the situation in the country," stated Maia Sandu after the last meeting of the government headed by her, IPN reports.

"They look into the eyes of the citizens and lie without remorse. They said they would form a technocratic, apolitical government, and they appointed a government made up almost entirely of Dodon's advisers. They said they would not enter into a PDM - PSRM alliance and they formed an alliance in Parliament based on common interests, common schemes, probably common fear of imprisonment. This is what they do, they lie to their own voters and to all citizens,” stressed Maia Sandu.

The PAS leader is convinced that "people understand and see everything that happens". "I want to address the civil servants of the state institutions. I want to encourage them to continue to have the right attitude towards the citizens, even if the government has changed and maybe it will be more difficult. But I want to remind them that we have succeeded in ousting a corrupt regime and, respectively, we will be able to bring down the second corrupt regime as well. And this time the fall of corruption will be final. And I would like to be able to come back soon and work with honest people from state institutions, and you know we can only work with honest people,” mentioned the former prime minister.

Maia Sandu urged the honest officials "not to participate in the schemes and not to let themselves used for the personal and party interests of those who want to grab all the power."

"We will continue to work, if needed, from the opposition, so that these common goals - true justice, prosperity for honest citizens – could be achieved. I am confident and I want all honest citizens of this country to remain confident because our struggle for a better life continues”, said Maia Sandu.

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