Maia Sandu: Russia tries to install pro-Russian government in Chisinau

Owing to the resistance of the Ukrainian army, the Republic of Moldova does not face any military threats at the moment, said President Maia Sandu. According to her, Ukraine is now a shield for peace and security in Moldova. But Russia does not give up the idea of taking over in Moldova and acts through the agency of different hybrid war elements to install an obedient government in Chisinau, IPN reports.

President Sandu said that owing to the heroism of the Ukrainian army, the front line is now far from the Moldovan-Ukrainian border and the risk of Moldova being engaged in the war is minimal. In the absence of an imminent military danger, the Republic of Moldova is confronted by elements of a hybrid war.

“The Russian Federation makes attempts to undermine the government, to oust it and we have pertinent evidence. Russia tries to install a pro-Russian government in Chisinau so as to be able to use the Republic of Moldova against Ukraine too, as it does in the case of Belarus. We heard the statements from the Kremlin about the placing of nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus. Russia wants exactly the same in the case of the Republic of Moldova, but today the Republic of Moldova has an independent government that works for the citizens’ benefit and cannot be therefore used as a pro-Russian government would have been used,” Maia Sandu stated in the program “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei channel.

According to the official, Russia does not give up the idea of bringing Moldova back under its sphere of influence and acts through the agency of pro-Russian politicians in Chisinau to destabilize the situation. The persons who serve Russia’s interests will be identified, but the capacities of the Security and Intelligence Service need to be strengthened for the purpose.

“These attempts to destabilize exert pressure on our institutions and create discomfort. But we showed we can cope with this pressure. The citizens chose this government and only the citizens can change things, if they want. It is not the Russian Federation’s business and we will not allow the Kremlin to interfere in our internal affairs. It’s clear that those who work for Moscow do it for money and this is their choice. Once they took money from the Kremlin, it is not so easy to regain freedom. We have institutions that examine these cases and we are making effort to give more power to these institutions, including by amending the legal framework on the SIS. But to see an end result, all the institutions need to function. Some of the institutions are being reformed, while others are putting up resistance. I refer to the judicial system here,” stated President Sandu.

The agenda of the March 30 sitting of Parliament includes the bills concerning the reformation of the Security and Intelligence Service. If the bills are adopted and take effect, the SIS will be able to wiretap, bug telephone conversations and follow persons in the absence of a court warrant.

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