Maia Sandu: Moldova is a young state, with fragile institutions, which should be strengthened

"At the age of 28, the Republic of Moldova is just learning to be a state. Some are trying to invent century-old state traditions, but in reality Moldova is a young state, with fragile institutions, in formation, which must be strengthened and developed," says Prime Minister Maia Sandu. According to the head of the government, "if we had had a state as old as claimed, it would not have been so easily captured by the oligarchic tick, which we have barely managed to eliminate through joint efforts, but the effects of which we are fully experiencing. We have learned to be a responsible and efficient state, and for us a responsible state is the one that works for its citizens”.

In the Prime minister’s opinion, as a state we have not been able to offer people the security of the future. Citizens do not trust the state, because it does not provide for their welfare and security. "That's why we need strong institutions and a responsible political class. As a people, as a society, we have let ourselves be easily divided and manipulated by irresponsible politicians, who played their games and attained their wealth at our expense. The lack of cohesion and internal solidarity creates impediments to adopting the necessary development pattern for the country and there is no other tested model than that of European integration”, mentions Maia Sandu.

“As for the greatest achievement since independence, I cannot name a particular one, because events may be interpreted in various ways, but I would like to point out our ability, as a society, even at the last minute, to opt for the ideals of democracy and freedom”, the prime minister said.

The head of the cabinet also says that on the Independence Day it is time to talk about the future. "About a future that would unite us. A healthy society is built on trust. Let us be tolerant and respectful towards each other. Let us accept that we are different, but that this does not prevent us from having common aspirations and interests. These common aspirations and interests represent our national interest. We can succeed as a state and society only by doing things together. Long live, the Republic of Moldova!”, said Maia Sandu.


Note: IPN news agency also requested interviews on the eve of the 28th anniversary of Independence Day from the Speaker of the Parliament, Zinaida Greceanii, President Igor Dodon and Interim President of the Democratic Party, former Prime Minister Pavel Filip.


On August 27, 1991, 28 years ago, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova adopted the Declaration of Independence, a document signed by 278 deputies. This founding act is celebrated every year as Independence Day. The original declaration burned during the 2009 protests in Chisinau, but was restored in 2010.

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