Maia Sandu: Language is Romanian and it is abnormal to have another name in laws and Constitution

The bill to replace the phrase “Moldovan language” with “Romanian language” across the national legislation will be signed into law by President Maia Sandu. The official said the Romanian language is the official language of the country and this thing should be reflected by the Constitution and the national legislation, IPN reports.

On Friday, Parliament adopted the bill replace the phrase “Moldovan language” with “Romanian language” after giving it a second, final reading. The phrase “Romanian language” will also replace such phrases as “official language”, “state language” and “mother tongue”.  President Sandu said the bill will be promulgated so that it becomes a law and a historical truth is restored.

“I will promulgate this law immediately after it gets onto my table and I’m glad that this problem was ultimately solved as we speak the Romanian language and it is abnormal for something else to be written in the laws, the Constitution.  What is the suitable time for adopting such a law? The name of the language has nothing to do with the developments on the streets. The language is Romanian and the street developments cannot influence this truth. Yes, it happened late, but it is good that it happened,” Maia Sandu stated in a special edition on the public TV channel Moldova 1.

The official admitted that the bill to retrocede a historic building in central Chisinau to the Metropolitan Church of Bessarabia by derogation from the law needs additional consultations as the bill was insufficiently explained to society.

“The sponsors of this bill will organize public debates.  We should wait and see what these public debates end with and see if there are alternatives. The Republic of Moldova’s relationship with Romania cannot be unilateral and we must admit that the few historic buildings that were repaired in Chisinau were repaired by the Romanian state. This does not mean I don’t want money to be allocated for repairing historic buildings, but our economic reality does not allow us to do this. I agree that this initiative wasn’t correctly presented to the public,” stated Maia Sandu.

By a bill signed by PAS MPs, the government aims to retrocede the former building of the Theological Seminar in Chisinau, which is now used by the National Library, to the Metropolitan Church of Bessarabia. The Metropolitan Church of Bessarabia said the Chisinau Archbishopric, which is a constituent of the Bessarabian Metropolitan Church within the Patriarchate of Romania, was the last lawful owner of the given building that was abusively confiscated by the Soviet occupation regime.

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