Maia Sandu: It’s impossible to have postal voting in autumn

It’s impossible to adopt amendments to the Election Code so as to have postal voting or electronic voting in autumn, the leader of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) Maia Sandu stated on Facebook Live when asked by an Internet user about the possibility of introducing postal voting or electronic voting for the diaspora until the presidential elections, IPN reports.

Maia Sandu said the lack of trust in the institutions that should organize these processes is the main impediment. Independent and credible institutions are needed to ensure postal voting or electronic voting. “To be sure that no one intervenes to modify our vote, we need such institutions. This is a major existing problem or we would have supported such an idea.”

Asked what the possible consequences of the amendments proposed to the Election Code for this autumn’s elections, the politician said that during the last days of the spring-summer session of Parliament, the Socialist MPs suggested a number of amendments. “Some of these amendments were to be made after the Constitutional Court, after the elections of 2016, requested Parliament to correct the legislation to prevent frauds similar to those witnessed in 2016. However, besides the good amendments, the Socialists made some improper changes. We opposed those changes as they are always interested in the possibility of rigging,” stated Maia Sandu.

She also referred to the Socialists’ initiative to reduce the voting period and the observers’ role. “We consider the observers are important as they should stay there and safeguard our future so that no one steals it or changes it.”

As to the fight against corruption, Maia Sandu said things in this regard can be changed only by the personal example. “The country is managed by the most corrupt people and how can the citizens change their behavior and disapprove of such things in such conditions? They should see the example of those who rule. Corruption should be punished. The people should see that those who stole the billions, those who hold high-ranking posts and committed acts of corruption are jailed and have their property confiscated. The citizens will then believe in a state that really encourages honesty and does not mimic the fight against corruption.”

Maia Sandu was also asked to pronounce on the situation when the education division heads violate the legislation, while the teachers do not have who to complain to. “I know about such things and we were notified of such cases. It’s a pity that those from the local level do not make common cause with the teachers and do not create conditions for things to stand as they should. It’s bad when education officials borrow an abusive behavior from the central parties.”

The politician urged the teachers to report the witnessed situations to the Labor Inspectorate or the Ministry of Education. If they tried to do this and didn’t get a satisfactory response, they should seek help from the members of the PAS.

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