Maia Sandu: It is a very difficult decision that should be assumed by each member of ACUM and this cannot be imposed

After the National Political Council of the Party “Action and Solidarity” decided to support a Socialist candidate for Parliament Speaker, the party’s president Maia Sandu said this decision cannot be imposed on the other members of the Bloc ACUM and this should be assumed by everyone, including by their partner Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” and by the members who form part of civil society, IPN reports.

“We are two political parties with separate governing bodies. The Bloc’s Council cannot decide for each party apart. It is a very difficult and sensitive decision with implications that should be discussed within each of the two parties. It happened so that we convened the National Political Council today. It is very important to discuss these things inside each party as this means internal democracy,” Maia Sandu stated in a program on TV8 channel.

“The decision adopted by the majority was to take this risk, being aware of implications. At the same time, it seems that this is the only possibility of seeing if there are sufficient votes in Parliament for starting the process of freeing the state institutions, of de-oligarchizing the state and of building the rule of law.”

Maia Sandu noted that when they took the decision within the PAS, they discussed no concrete candidate for Speaker proposed by the Socialists. “It is not very clear as we don’t know if the PSRM will insist on Zinaida Grechanyi or this party can yet take another decision. We will try to have discussions tomorrow so as to clarify things,” stated the politician.

On June 5, the National Political Council of the PAS decided it will vote for the Socialist Party’s nominee for Parliament Speaker by a 46 to 1 vote. The Standing Political Bureau of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” took notice of the decision of the National Political Council of the PAS and decided to convoke its National Political Council for June 6. The hour and place of the meeting weren’t made public.

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