Maia Sandu in Parliament: In 2030, Moldova should be an EU member

“In 2030, the Republic of Moldova should be a member state of the European Union. We now have a real chance to become a fully-fledged member of the European family. We enjoy the support of the EU Member States. The Moldovans chose the European path, but it depends on us all how swiftly we reach that point,” President Maia Sandu stated in Friday’s sitting of Parliament, IPN reports.

The official noted that during three decades, the Republic of Moldova, being managed by different parties, politicians, governments, tried to follow a number of roads, but these all failed. “While the states that became members of the European Union the last two decades and offer now wellbeing and safety to their citizens, ensure justice, pensions and a good salary, Moldova only escapes the captivity into which we had been plunged for years by traitors, thieve and oligarchs,” said Maia Sandu.

“I ask you dear MPs, primarily those who left this hall and those who do not support Moldova’s entry into the EU, what party ideology stops you from taking the country out of darkness and admitting that there is no other development path for Moldova than the European integration path? Where did all the options promised to the people – the CIS, Customs Union, Eurasian Economic Union, the option “both with them and with the others” - took us to? Nowhere,” insisted President Sandu.

According to her, the European path is not an easy one, but is the only chance for the Moldovans to have a better and peaceful life at home. It is also the only road that can ensure the Republic of Moldova’s survival as a free and strong state.

Maia Sandu called on all the political forces to place the accession to the European Union above the narrow interests and to support this path unconditionally. “Surely, we can and should have polemics and debate the content of reforms, but our mission, of everyone, is to build for the citizens a European life here. The MPs are elected by the people to represent them. The people put their trust in you for you to improve their lives. Regardless of the political color, the people who elected you want to live at home as they see how the people in the European countries live. You should stop keeping the citizens hostage to scarecrows,” said the official.

She underlined the necessity of having a justice system where the law rules. “The changes that started in the justice sector are correct and will achieve their goal – to have independent judges who place the law at the forefront in the system. The resistance in the system amidst the cleanup was expected. The corrupt ones, those who are used to giving orders by phone, those who are used to taking bribe do not want to change their habits or even to be punished for what they did. But this will not stop us,” stated President Sandu.

The MPs of the Shor Party didn’t come to the sitting again. Those of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists announced at the start of the sitting that they will leave in protest at the bill that replaces the phrase “Moldovan language” with “Romanian language” across the national legislation, which was given a final reading on Thursday.

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