Maia Sandu: Igor Dodon wants a Government to control, to use for electoral purposes

President Igor Dodon wants a Government he can control and use for personal, electoral purposes, but it is not clear how he intends to promote reforms, to ensure the credibility of this government and to obtain external assistance in order to increase the incomes of citizens and implement projects. The statement belongs to the acting Prime Minister Maia Sandu, chairperson of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS). The chief of the executive says she expected the president to quickly put forward a candidate for prime minister, but did not think things could fast-forward like this, IPN reports.

"I think this team is the result of the negotiations with the PDM and now it will be presented to us as a team of technocrats, but they are the same PDM people, who held offices, who were involved in the abuses, the illegalities," said the head of the cabinet on "Black Box" show on TV8.

Maia Sandu mentioned that the ACUM bloc did not have any illusions and knew from the very beginning that it could expect at any moment "such treason", such action on the part of the Socialist Party and Igor Dodon. "I received signals a month ago that Igor Dodon wants to change the Government and that he is preparing Ion Chicu for the position of Prime Minister. I didn't think it would happen so soon. I imagined that he would wait until winter to put in place the budget we have drawn up that had to be approved in Parliament, so as to ensure that the second instalment of macro-financial assistance would be received in the budget”, said the head of the executive.

The politician says that for Igor Dodon the appointment of the prosecutor was a red-line, in the sense that he would have not allowed the ACUM bloc to propose for this position people of integrity whom he did not control. In her opinion, it was clear that it would come to the dismissal of the Government, but it was not clear when this was supposed to happen.

Maia Sandu refutes the rumors that the current Government, seeing that it could not make considerable progress with the Socialists, organized its own departure from governance. "I hoped that this Government would survive until spring. And by spring we would have been able to thwart all the schemes so that they could no longer finance their political parties from corruption schemes, thus cutting them off these financial sources. We and the colleagues in the Government have agreed with the colleagues in the Parliament that we would stand on amending the laws on the regulatory institutions, and we even obtained the support of the international partners in this regard”, declared the prime minister.

Also, the PAS chairperson is of the opinion that snap elections are not completely out of the question at the moment, although, in her opinion, the Democratic Party will vote for the Government proposed by president Igor Dodon and there will be no snap election.

As to the next presidential elections, which will be held next year, Maia Sandu says that so far she has not considered the possibility to put forward her candidacy, but says that this decision must be taken together with the team.

The government led by Maia Sandu was dismissed on November 12, with the vote of 63 Socialist and Democrat MPs due to the fact that she brought in Parliament the initiative of committing to the amendment of the Law on the Prosecutor's Office, which involved the submittal by the prime minister of a short list of candidates for the Prosecutor General office. The coalition partner – the Socialist Party did not accept this initiative, declaring it unconstitutional, and filing a censure motion against the government.

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