Maia Sandu: Dodon plans to spend €2m on votes of Transnistrians

The leader of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) Maia Sandu said she possesses information that Igor Dodon intends to apply the schemes of 2016 and will try to transport people from the Transnistrian region in an organized way to polling stations and to buy the votes of those people. Igor Dodon plans to spend €2 million on votes of Transnistrians, IPN reports.

In a press briefing, Maia Sandu warned Igor Dodon not to try and rig the elections of November 2020. “Dodon fulfilled none of his electoral promises. No one in this country believes he is now able to do good things for the people. The chaos we face is only due to Igor Dodon and the Government. In this situation, the only path seen by Igor Dodon for keeping office is to fix the elections. During these days, we have received an increasing number of signals concerning Igor Dodon’s attempts to rig the upcoming elections,” stated the PAS leader.

According to her, Igor Dodon tries to prevent the voting of the Moldovans from the diaspora as he is afraid of the diaspora the most because he knows he will never be voted by those from the West and those from the East too. He hampers the opening of a number of polling stations in the West and intends to falsify documents and signatures for opening a number of polling places in the East.

“Dodon and the Socialists are trying to buy voters from the right bank of the Nistru too. After leaving the people without jobs, he could not offer them assistance during the crisis and didn’t find solutions for parents with kindergarten and school children. Now he wants to buy them with a package of buckwheat or a bottle of oil. The people need real assistance from a president who would be near them day after day, not a pack of rice on the election day,” stated Maia Sandu.

The politician also said the PAS is now more prepared to defend the votes and to combat lies than in 2016. This year the party will have members and observers at all the polling stations.

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