Maia Sandu at Ukraine Summit: Peace in Ukraine also means peace in Moldova, peace for all

President Maia Sandu said that peace is not capitulation to the aggressor. Occupation of parts or entire countries is not peace and can never be the foundation for peace. At the Summit on Peace in Ukraine held on June 15-16 in Switzerland, the head of state reaffirmed Moldova’s unshaken commitment to the restoration of peace in Ukraine and in Europe. A peace that respects Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, IPN reports.

“Does anyone here – at this table – believe that giving up parts of your countries can truly bring about lasting peace? Peace must be defended. By all of us. We must forge a world that is strong and cohesive and that actively supports nations like Ukraine in their quest for peace and security,” said Maia Sandu.

The official noted that Moldova might have limited resources, but it has a strong desire to help. “Moldova has taken important steps in line with Ukraine’s peace formula. On food security, we facilitate grain exports from Ukraine to global markets, particularly important for countries where food security remains a pressing concern. On humanitarian measures, we have welcomed hundreds of thousands of refugees and joined international efforts to free abducted Ukrainian children. On justice, we have joined the Council of Europe’s registry of damages, to ensure Russia pays reparations,” stated President Sandu.

Equally important, we are building resilience so that we can preserve stability at home and be a strong and supportive neighbor to Ukraine with whom we share 1 200 km of border. Our own journey however is not without challenges. Hybrid attacks, coordinated by Russia and its proxies, continue to test us, attempting to undermine our democracy and interfere with our sovereign choices in the upcoming elections. But we have never been more determined to prevail. We understand the stakes at hand— our peace, our freedom, the future of our children.”

Maia Sandu noted that peace cannot be bottled within borders; it must be fostered and spread. Therefore the enlargement of the European Union, a fundamentally peace project, is the best investment in lasting peace and stability on the European continent. “Ukraine’s peace is Moldova’s peace — and, in this interconnected world, global peace cannot exist without it. Only by standing together, across continents, can we secure a peaceful future for all,” said the official.

The Summit on Peace in Ukraine in Switzerland brought together leaders from more than 90 states, the purpose of the meeting being to discuss the path to a just and lasting peace in Ukraine and in Europe.

Russia was not invited to the summit. The organizers explained that it did not show a real wish for a dialogue on this issue. On the eve of the summit, the Kremlin put forward what it called “proposals for peace”, which, in the view of international experts and politicians, are unacceptable, including because they involve the definitive occupation of large territories of Ukraine.

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