Maia Sandu: Another bane is on its way, trying to capture the state

Maia Sandu says that the responsibility for what will follow must be assumed by those who have dismissed the Government which she has led up to now. After the sitting of the Parliament, where the censure motion was voted, Maia Sandu stated she did not know what was going to happen, excepting that the collaboration between the PSRM and the PDM "which were afraid of the justice reform" was a clear fact. "What will happen next depends on the decision of several parties. ACUM bloc has nothing to discuss in the future with those who have dismissed the Government”, mentioned the dismissed prime minister, quoted by IPN.

Maia Sandu has noted that during this short period of governing (five months), she wanted to accomplish more as regards the justice reform, which "would have initiated the cleansing process of the judiciary and the prosecution system". "But, in the situation when there is no political will and there has never been political will for achieving real results, as long as the justice reform had not targeted those in the PSRM, they said they would support the reform. However, when they sensed the danger that in this short list of prosecutors there could be people not controlled by Igor Dodon, they considered themselves in jeopardy,” said the dismissed prime minister.

Asked by journalists what she is going to do, Maia Sandu has replied that she will continue to work for people, to fight in the streets, on the barricades, in order to get rid of "the next bane" soon. "We have succeeded together with the citizens to get rid of Plahotniuc bane, now there is another bane, trying to capture the state institutions and we will have to fight for our freedom," contended Maia Sandu.

According to Maia Sandu, the problem is that Igor Dodon, the president of the Republic of Moldova, and the deputies from the PSRM faction, did not want to support this reform. "We have nothing to discuss with people who do not support the most important reform for the Republic of Moldova. Without justice reform we cannot straighten things up and govern well," said Maia Sandu.

Asked about the projects approved today, shortly before the Government collapsed, Maia Sandu has noted that "these are important projects that will ruin the corruption schemes of some people".

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