Maia Sandu: Absence of Parliament’s support will be one more reason for snap elections

The Party of Action and Solidarity’s candidate for President Maia Sandu said that if she is elected President and if it turns out that the Government and Parliament do not support very important measures, policies and decisions to help the citizens and the economy, this will be one more reasons for having snap elections as soon as possible. “I will enjoy the people’s support and this is the most important thing,” Maia Sandu stated in the talk show “In Depth” on Pro TV channel.

“I know it will be very hard, but one of our current tasks is to free the political class from people who entered politics only in order to serve the own interests, not to solve people’s problems,” IPN quoted the candidate as saying.

Asked if a coalition with the Party of Socialists is still possible, Maia Sandu said she saw what the PSRM represents and especially what Igor Dodon can do. “They had the occasion of doing good things for the people. They chose to protect the corrupt system as they are part of this corrupt system, because they need millions and millions to rig the elections, to print newspapers illegally, to manipulate, to finance their multiple TV channels, multiple websites by which they distribute fake news,” said Maia Sandu, noting they do not have what to discuss with the PSRM now and the previous alliance with this party was the only possibility of driving the former leader of the PDM Vlad Plahotniuc away and time has come to also drive Igor Dodon away.

The politician noted that if she becomes President, in her relations with the Russian Federation and also with Romania, Ukraine and other partners, she will start from the interests of the Moldovan citizens, not from her personal interests, as Igor Dodon does. Moldova should first of all restore the relations with Romania and Ukraine and improve the relations with the EU as the country needs support in the current crisis. Igor Dodon pursued a fully unbalanced foreign policy and she and her team must correct it urgently.

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