Maia Sandu about PSRM’s bill on Russian language: They attempt to place people on barricades

President-elect Maia Sandu said she didn’t see the Party of Socialists’ bill concerning the status of the Russian language and cannot comment on it. According to her, the Socialists formulated such a bill because they fear the people can unite and by such proposals they try to place the people on barricades so that they forget about the objective of fighting against thieves and allow to be divided, IPN reports.

In a news conference, Maia Sandu said the initiative comes after the PSRM saw that that people united, primarily in the presidential runoff vote. “The people in our society left aside the differences and united. They united for a common agenda, namely for fighting corruption, for doing the justice sector reform, for bringing things in order, for creating a state in which economic prospects and opportunities are offered at home,” said the President-elect.

“My call to the citizens is not to yield to any provocations and to bear in mind that our common objective is to build a country good for everybody. For the purpose, we need to remove all those who are corrupt from power. As we removed Igor Dodon, in the same way we should drive the corrupt persons away from Parliament.”

The Socialist MPs proposed a bill on the status of the Russian language on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. The bill provides that the verbal and written communication language in the relations with the state authorities, the public administration and institutions and the enterprises and organizations based in the Republic of Moldova is the official language and/or the Russian language as an interethnic communication language, at the citizen’s choice, and these entities respond to written applications or verbal requests made by citizens in the language in which these were formulated.

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