Maia Sandu about President’s guard

There are clear legal provisions as regards the guard for the President, but they can always be abused, considers the leader of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS) Maia Sandu. “It depends on who heads this guard. If this is a statesman who obeys the law, regardless of what the President tells him, abuses evidently will not be witnessed. But more depends on the one who is guarded,” Maia Sandu responded through a live video on Facebook to an Internet user who made reference to the motorcade of eight cars that accompanies President Igor Dodon during his working visits to the country’s districts, IPN reports.

In the same video, the PAS leader also spoke about the possibility of changing the date of the presidential elections set for November 1. She noted there is a legal provision according to which the presidential elections can take place during October 23 and November 23 and a deviation from this is impossible. “Starting from this legal provision, the colleagues from Parliament proposed that the first round of elections should take place on October 24, but the necessary 51 votes could not be secured,” stated Maia Sandu.

She also said she supports the reduction in the number of MPs, but the quality of the MPs is more important than their number. “We can have 101 MPs and 31 MPs, but if all of the 31 MPs are corrupt and continue to implement schemes of corruption, it will cost us as much.”

Asked what is going on in the Democratic Party, Maia Sandu said she does not know exactly, but she knows that this party now has such a low number of seats of MPs owing to the mixed electoral system introduced by Plahotniuc and Dodon.

As to the dismissal of the Chicu Government, Maia Sandu said the PAS wants this Government to be removed and in time they provided multiple arguments in favor of this idea. “To dismiss the Government, we need 51 votes of MP. The PAS has 15 votes and together with the PPPDA we have 26 votes. We need 51 votes to be able to remove this Government. But it is even more important to have 51 votes to name a new Government,” stated the PAS leader.

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