Mafiotic misunderstandings and political irresponsibility are the causes of political crisis, debates

The political crisis in which Moldova found itself appeared owing to the mafiotic misunderstandings and the defective negotiations on the creation of the Alliance fir European Integration. The opinions were stated by representatives of extra-parliamentary parties within the public debate “Culture of political crisis: views and roles of the extra-parliamentary parties in the process of overcoming and communication with society” that were staged by IPN on March 25.

Anatolie Prohnitski, chairman of the Ecologist Party Green Alliance, said the political crisis is due to the politicians’ irresponsibility. During three years the people have been lied to because no promise made in the election campaign was fulfilled. “This irresponsible attitude will be penalized by the voters who will realize that their hopes for which they gave their votes were destroyed,” stated Anatolie Prohnitski, adding that no method of dialogue with society has been worked out yet because the politicians do not need it, while the voters should change their behavior, make demands and express their dissatisfaction.

Daniela Bodrug, deputy head of the People’s Movement “Antimafie”, said that the political crisis appeared after a piece fell from the mafiotic system created by the former alliance. That piece was prosecutor general Valeriu Zubco. It was known from the very beginning that this alliance will not work as it was formed based on financial, personal and mafiotic interests, not on national interests.

According to Danielei Bodrug, the way out of this crisis will not be identified soon as the components of the alliance continue to follow the same incorrect path. “The real negotiators in the talks are Vlad Filat and Vlad Plahotniuc. Until the two do not come to terms, this situation will not be overcome,” she said, adding that a new alliance – AEI 3 – will be the most odious alliance.

Ion Duminica, deputy chairman of the Social Political Movement of the Roma, said that Moldova will not get out of the crisis soon as the alliance was formed in restaurants and was ended during hunting. For the government to be efficient, the negotiations must be transparent and open. “The problem of the current rulers is that they negotiate in secret. The crisis will last because the political parties do not know to negotiate,” said Ion Duminica.

He also said that the Moldovan voters’ political culture is very low. According to him, society must not play the role of a beggar, but should penalize the politicians for the unfulfilled promises and the created situation. Ion Duminica said the Government of Moldova should be chosen at a public contest and the candidates for the seat of minister should be confirmed by Parliament.

Vasile Costiuc, who heads the “Democratia Acasa” Party, said that Moldova has been in a crisis for 20 years and it’s time for the people to wake up. “If the people do not penalize the politicians by vote, it means that we learned nothing. The young people and the students follow with admiration what Plahotniuc and Filat do. The virus spreads from university to university and there is no guarantee that those who come next are better,” he stated.

According to the director of the Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT Igor Botan, who is the permanent expert to the debates, the current crisis cannot be overcome by creating a new coalition as its components are no longer credible before the people. The early elections do not represent a solution either as there are persons with unlimited resources, administrative leverage and mass media resources who can influence the election outcome. The only solution is for those who discredited themselves to step aside.

The debate ”Culture of political crisis: views and roles of the extra-parliamentary parties in the process of overcoming and communication with society” is the 14th of the series of public debates held by IPN News Agency within the project “Development of political culture by public debates,” which is supported by Hanns Seidel Foundation.

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