Ludovic Orban: Bessarabia’s road to EU goes through Romania

The Prime Minister of Romania Ludovic Orban said the citizens of the Republic of Moldova should not be abandoned, no matter who is in power. According to him, any approach towards authentic democracy, towards the real integration of Moldova into the EU should be supported as Bessarabia’s road to the European Union goes through Romania and this road should be covered with Romania’s support, IPN reports.

“The relationship between Romania and the Republic of Moldova is extremely important for us. Regrettably, the authorities that now govern the Republic of Moldova generated a lot of questions and uncertainty as to their real commitment to integrate into the European Union, to respect the values and principles at European level, to ensure an authentic democracy and a capitalist, free economy. Therefore, all the support efforts are aimed at the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. We should here take into account one particularity – in the Republic of Moldova there are hundreds of thousands of citizen who also have Romanian nationality,” Premier Orban stated in the Black Sea and Balkans Security Forum.

According to the Romanian official, the affinities existing in the relationship between Romania and the Republic of Moldova should be taken into account. Therefore, all the efforts made by Romania are designed to support the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, even when the Government, the President and the authorities try to distance Moldova and its citizens from the European path.

“We had clear evidence in this regard. Transgaz, which is a company of the Romanian state, completed the Iasi-Chisinau gas pipeline, offering an additional, alternative source of gas for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. During the pandemic, we mobilized important resources for helping the healthcare system of the Republic of Moldova to cope with the faced challenges, providing the Moldovans citizens with materials, equipment, doctors, nurses who travelled effectively to the Republic of Moldova and protected the health of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova,” he stated.

According to Ludovic Orban, at the level of cooperation between the local authorities of Romania and Moldova there are many twinning partnerships and many projects. There are many localities in Bessarabia that are supported by the local authorities of Romania.

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