Locals from Ștefan-Vodă intend to block road if case of murder is not retried

The case of conviction of the persons suspected of murdering a man in Răscăieții Noi village of Ștefan-Vodă district at the beginning of last October should be revised. The victim was the father of six children who remained orphans after their mother also died at the end of last November. Olga Chapki, district and town councilor from Ștefan-Vodă, and civic activist Anatolie Kukovich made a public call to retry the case addressed to Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo. According to them, the punishment given to the culprits is too mild. If the reexamination of the case at another prosecutor’s office is not ordered, locals will block access to a national road.

In a news conference at IPN, Olga Chapki said this case about six children who remained without their parents was circulated all over the world. “Recently, the four persons who committed that murder were almost exonerated and could be soon released from jail for exemplary punishment,” she stated.

“The life of these persons who are now in graves costs two years and six months. Dear people, we should be concerned about what is going on in general in the Republic of Moldova, but I will speak namely about justice in Ștefan Vodă district. I want to ask those persons who handled this case, do they have children at home? How do they sleep at night? Do they realize that this cancer, this evil can also affect their children, parents and relatives? I hope our message will reach Prosecutor Stoianoglo and this case will be sent back for reexamination.

“Mister prosecutor general, in the name of justice and of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, I ask you to monitor this case directly. This case should be sent back for reexamination and should be transferred to another prosecutor’s office than that in Ștefan Vodă as the people are angry and are ready to block the central road because the prosecutor of Ștefan Vodă district works “miracles” and violates the people’s right to defense,” said Olga Chapki.

Anatolie Kukovich stated that a number of individuals ill-treated the father of six children whose mother also died shortly afterward. The murder case was tried unjustly, the four being also helped by the prosecutor, not only by the lawyer. He was there when three of the culprits were arrested and what they related then is different from what is recorded in the file. There were many witnesses who weren’t questioned. The simplified procedure was used.

The activist noted that three of the culprits got two years and six months in jail. With such justice and such prosecutors who do not know the procedures, everyone will want to leave Moldova.

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