Liberals who want to vote for Filat can do him a disservice, Igor Botan

The Liberals who want to vote for Vlad Filat as Prime Minister can do him a disservice, considers political analyst Igor Botan. He believes that the Liberal-Democrats already reached an agreement with the Democrats and the intentions of some of the Liberals can compromise it. “Now Marian Lupu is very angry. He can change his behavior. If the two parties made an agreement, the conjunctural change can cause harm. These are subtle things. What they did is risky. They made a fissure in the PL and weakened the positions of this party,” Igor Botan has told IPN.

According to the analyst, a political party can be reformed delicately from inside, not how some of the members of the Liberal Party did. “Those who constituted the Council for Reforming the PL should have held discussions inside the party first. If they didn’t agree with the opinion of the Liberal leader Mihai Ghimpu, they could adopt the decision that they are free to state their position on the installation of the Government. This way the destroyed the bridges and discredited each other. The things that were said do good neither to the Liberal leader, not to those who were excluded from the PL,” said the analyst.

Igor Botan also said that the Liberal Party has faithful supporters and a hard nucleus and deserves being represented in the Parliament. “Those who represent these voters have a regrettable behavior. How can they say they want Dorin Chirtoaca as party leader without even discussing with him? I feel sorry for some of the personalities of this party, such as Ion Hadarca. Their deeds cannot be qualified,” he stated.

According to the analyst, Mihai Ghimpu built this party as he could, gathered people and struggled for it. “The journalists also do not have a correct behavior towards Mihai Ghimpu. They are running after sensations and make Mihai Ghimpu to burst out. He makes threats, but does not carry them out. There are many persons who smile to the journalists, but then hit them from behind,” said Igor Botan.

Speaking about the political class, Igor Botan said the politicians can reform their parties from inside, by decisions taken at the congress. It is natural when different currents of thinking and dissenting opinions exist in a party. The attempts made earlier in Moldova by party members to change the leader of their party ended in failure.

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