Lib-Dem leader makes NuMixt referendum disclaimer

The Liberal Democrats will not take upon itself any responsibility for whichever the outcome of the proposed referendum against the mixed voting system might be, the party’s president Viorel Cibotaru told the talk-show Politica on TV8.

“We don’t want to accept all the consequences for a process whose finality is quite uncertain. I support with all my heart the right of civil society and what it does to carry out a citizen initiative, as it has been labeled, but I’d just rather not associate myself with the outcome, be it positive or negative”, says Viorel Cibotaru.

However, he added, the initiators could rely on the party for help, as long as it’s not “external”. “I don’t think there’s much for us to win if we insist on this initiative”, said Cibotaru, as he thinks the referendum is bound to fail because of a low turnout.

The initiators of the referendum against the amendment that introduced the mixed voting system held a formal founding meeting on Sunday that brought together nearly 700 volunteers who will collect signatures to make the referendum happen.

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