Level of population’s knowledge of COVID-19 is high, survey

The level of knowledge of the novel coronavirus is rather high among the population, while the level of panic is not so high, shows a survey carried out by Date Inteligente SRL (iData) during March 13-15. Asked about the prophylaxis measures they take, almost 45% of those polled said they disinfect surfaces, while nearly 33% mentioned measures related to personal hygiene. Slightly over 12% indicated the consumption of vitamins, 11% – consumption of garlic, 10% – the quarantine and almost 8% – ventilation of rooms. Those surveyed also mentioned the wearing of protective masks, cleanness, drinking of more water, eating of onion and avoidance of crowdedness.

In a news conference at IPN, iData executive director Mihai Bologan said the poll involved 326 persons from 134 localities who were contacted by phone. Another component of the research is the participation of 17 experts who answered the same questions. The poll shows all the experts know about the novel coronavirus. Among the population, the level is of 99.8%, which means that only one person or two persons didn’t near about COVID-19. Therefore, the people inform themselves well about this virus.

Asked about the healthcare system of Moldova, about half of the respondents said they have neither a good nor a bad opinion about this. Some 25% of those interviewed have a good or a very good opinion, while another 25% have a bad or a very bad opinion. “We had very few non-answers here. So, there is a relative neutral attitude to the healthcare system and there are positive/negative extremes and persons who do not have a good or a bad opinion,” stated Mihai Bologan.

The respondents were also asked to what extent Moldova is ready to cope with a COVID-19 pandemic. More than half of the experts consider it is not at all prepared. Among the population, 1/5 of those surveyed said the country is not at all ready. Most of the citizens said it is ready to cope to a lesser or a particular extent, 5.9% of the people and 8% of the experts - to a great extent. “So, there is particular pessimism among the experts, first of all, and moderate pessimism among the population. It should be noted that this result shows that the level of panic is not high, but one in five respondents said the country is not ready to cope. Respectively, four persons in five consider the authorities can cope with the pandemic to a particular extent,” said Mihai Bologan.

Slightly over 40% of those polled consider the novel coronavirus is dangerous, while almost 20% said it is rather dangerous than inoffensive. Almost 18% of the respondents believe the virus is especially dangerous, 10% – that it is rather inoffensive than dangerous, while 9% – that it is inoffensive.

The people were also asked if they have relatives abroad. Most of those who answered affirmatively, slightly over 28%, said that they have relatives in Italy, 22% - in Russia, over 17% – in Germany, 11% – in France, 7.5% – in Romania, 6.7% – in Ukraine, 3.6% – in Spain, while slightly over 22% mentioned other states.

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