Lawyers Veaceslav Turcan and Maxim Belinski say they are intimidated

Lawyers Veaceslav Turcan and Maxim Belinski complain that they are intimidated because they revealed a number of illegalities committed by a former police employee, who is now retired, in a case concerning dispossession of inheritance. The case also involves a judge and his wife, who is a notary. In a news conference at IPN, the lawyers said they discovered elements of swindle and document falsification employed with the aim of appropriating a building.

Maxim Belinski said the police officer falsified a receipt to show that a person received the money for the sold building. In reality, the given person was at the Balti Psychiatric Hospital when the transaction was performed and the graphological examination showed the signature wasn’t his. Even if the heirs of the third degree had legal heir certificates and the quality of heir, these were annulled by court decision and the police officer could thus come into possession of the building.

“Suspecting elements of swindle, questions appeared as to the legality of the transaction and it later became evident that the property was appropriated illegally. We insistently asked the Balti Prosecutor’s Office and then the Rascani Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the case and send it to court, but a number of orders to drop the case and the charges against the policeman were made. We suspect that a judge and a notary, who is the judge’s wife, are also involved in this case,” said the lawyer.

His colleague Veaceslav Turcan added that the illegal actions were every time disputed in court and the courts accepted lawyers’ complaints. In response, the person suspected of swindle filed complaints not only against the heirs, but also against the lawyers, invoking that these presented false information and demanded that these should be held accountable.

Thus, Veaceslav Turcan and Maxim Belinski are now accused of falsifying documents. The two consider that this way attempts are made to deprive them of the right to work as lawyers.

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