Lawyers say they are intimidated by fabricated criminal case

Valeriu Plesca, who is the legal representative of lawyer Veaceslav Turcan in a criminal case started over falsification of documents, said the legal guarantees and immunities of his client, who is investigated as a suspect in this case, and the Law on Advocacy are being violated. The case also involves lawyer Maxim Belinski, who has the status of accused. The lawyers say the case was fabricated with the aim of intimidating them given that they revealed a number of illegalities committed by a police officer, who is now retired, a judge and his wife, who is a notary.

In a news conference at IPN, Valeriu Plesca said it is very easy to fabricate a case against any lawyer in Moldova and there is a well-planned mechanism in this regard. “I realized not only that a criminal case was fabricated, but also that the fabrication is of a poor quality,” he stated.

The lawyer added that the persecution of lawyers reveals the real situation of the national legal system and the impunity associated with the persecution of lawyers, which, consequently, endangers the provision of legal assistance to persons. As the given danger continues to grow, the work of lawyers stops to be efficient and safe and this jeopardizes the functioning of state institutions based on the principle of the rule of law.

The lawyers called on the responsible institutions to take into account the UN recommendations on the prosecution of lawyers. Thus, the state should ensure the immunity of lawyers when it is about the statements these make verbally or in written form before judges or representatives of other legal or administrative bodies. The state should stop the practice of impunity in cases when the principle of confidentiality of the communication between the lawyer and client is violated and to also ensure other guarantees.

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