Konstantin Taușanji: Let’s unite and protect Gagauzia from random people!

A member of the first Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, Konstantin Taușanji, stated that he is ashamed of Gagauzia, which found itself hostage in the hands of fugitive oligarch Ilan Shor, nicknamed “the bag of money”. According to him, Gagauzia was sold as a commodity at an auction. “Today, more than ever, we all need to unite and protect Gagauzia from random people, who entered the governing bodies of the Gagauz autonomous unit. We do not have the moral right to entrust the fate of the Gagauz people to the two adventurers – Ilan Shor and Dmitry Konstantinov - who are ready to do anything for power,” Konstantin Taușanji said in an appeal addressed to the residents of Gagauzia, being quoted by IPN.

Konstantin Taușanji noted that the majority of deputies in the People’s Assembly in Comrat had to accepted a commissioned executive committee. There are enough decent people in the People’s Assembly, but they are in the minority and cannot influence the final decisions. “Ilan Shor continues to strengthen his power in the Gagauz autonomous unit. Everything can be tolerated, even if Shor’s money is stolen money – let him build for the benefit of our Gagauz autonomous unit. However, Yevgenia Gutsul, mistakenly proclaimed a Bashkan, is playing a dangerous game. Without realizing it, she draws the Gagauz autonomous unit into a military conflict – she met with the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, and posted a photo where the two shake hands on the Internet. What did she intend to tell Putin by this gesture? That Gagauzia supports the war in Ukraine and that the Ukrainians must be killed? That, after the Buryats and Dagestanis, the Gagauz will also be sent to war?” the former MP asked rhetorically.

According to him, this is the position of the provocateur Shor. “I write these lines with great chill: the tense events of October 1990 pass before my eyes. And then there were provocateurs who pushed us to war with the Moldovans, but we proved to be stronger and our party “for peace” finally defeated the “party of war”. It all ended in Cimișlia with a handshake between President Mircea Snegur and the chairman of the Comrat Regional Executive Committee,Constantin Tausanji, after which a joint appeal was made to the people of Moldova, which was broadcast in TV news programs This is what I’m proud of today – the conflict ended peacefully, without victims, and we saved many young people on both sides,” said the member of the first Parliament.

Konstantin Taușanji also said that the Gagauz people need to know their ancestors. It is a Turkish people, with Turkish speakers, not Russian speakers. Thanks to Suleyman Demirel, the President of Turkey at the time, and his friendship with Mircea Snegur, President of the Republic of Moldova, the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia was approved. Everyone should know that the small Gagauz people opt only for peace and condemn those who started a full-scale war against Ukraine.

In his opinion, the local Gagauz elite and the elite in Odessa, Kiev, etc., should come together at the level of civil community and create a committee for organizing an international conference on the current situation. “It is imperative to invite the diplomatic corps of Turkey to this conference, as a guarantor of the preservation of our ethnicity. At the conference, we need to adopt a new regional economic concept on anti-corruption, as well as a special concept for the survival of the Gagauz ethnic group in the context of globalization. Based on the materials of the conference, we should draft a plan for holding the Congress of Gagauzians from all over the world in Comrat,” said Konstantin Taușanji, who is also the author of the first project ATU Gagauz-Yeri (Gagauzia).

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