Know candidates in your constituency! No. 47: Camenca, Dubăsari, Grigoriopol & Râbnița

Constituency No. 47: Camenca, Dubăsari, Grigoriopol, Râbnița includes the towns of Camenca, Dubăsari, Grigoriopol and Râbnița and the localities of the four districts. The people there will vote at polling places 47/1 to 47/22. The candidate who wins the largest number of votes in a single-member constituency, regardless of the voter turnout, becomes the winner.

The list of candidates on the ballot is headed by the Party of Socialists’ candidate Grigore Filipov, a biologist by profession. The candidate is a member of the PSRM’s National Council and the Society of Hunters and Fishermen. In 2015, he became a district councilor in Dubăsari. For the last two years, the candidate declared over 270,000 lei salary revenues, more than 30,000 lei from the sale of property and almost 70,000 lei pension. He also received over 6,000 lei in councilor allowances. The family owns a piece of farmland, a house, an apartment and a car.

Independent candidate Ion Lapicus, a teacher of history by profession, comes second. He manages a limited liability company. Since 2007, during eight years, he served as the mayor of Gura Bâcului village of Anenii Noi district. In the summer of 2015, he was named deputy head of the Căușeni Local Office of the State Chancellery. Later, during two years, he worked at the Land Relations and Cadaster Service of the Anenii Noi District Council. During the last two years, he and his wife earned over 246,000 lei salary. The family owns two lots of land, a house, a car and a 50% holding in a firm.

Independent candidate Alexandr Oleinic, an engineer by profession, is under No. 3. He served as an MP in 2001-2009 an as a minister of information and communications in 2009 - 2011. Currently, he heads the administration board of the concern Milenium Management Grup. Since 2012, he has managed the People’s Party. For the last two years, the candidate declared almost 95,000 lei salary, a donation to his wife of nearly 725,000 lei and 400,000 lei from the sale of property. The family owns a villa, seven houses, an apartment, two cars and other property.

The Democratic Party’s candidate  Ivan Delibaltov, a jurist and economist by profession, takes the fourth spot. He graduated from the Moldova Free International University. The candidate manages a private company. For the last two years, the candidate and his wife declared almost 490,000 lei salary and allowances. The family rents an apartment and owns a car.

The fifth spot on the ballot is occupied by independent candidate Alexei Frunze, a jurist by profession. He now works as a lawyer. He opened his own law firm. For the last two years, the candidate and his wife declared 185,000 lei salary and pension. The family possesses a garden, three cars and a 40% holding in a medical company.

The candidate of the electoral bloc ACUM Platform DA and PAS Eleonora Cherkavski, a philologist by profession, is under No. 6. She is the principal of the Theoretical Lyceum “Ștefan cel Mare” of Grigoriopol. In 2016, she was awarded the Merit for Education Order, Commander degree, by the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis. For the last two years, Eleonora Cherkavski declared over 357,000 lei revenues.

The IPN division “Know candidates in your constituency!” presents the candidates who compete in each single-member constituency in the order in which they were written on the ballot.

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