Know candidates in your constituency! No. 37: Ialoveni, Căușeni, Hâncești

Constituency No. 37: Ialoveni, Căușeni, Hâncești includes 15 localities of Ialoveni district, Căușeni town and another five localities of Căușeni district and also Buțeni village of Hâncești district. The electors there will vote at polling places No. 37/1 to 37/42. The candidate who wins the largest number of votes in a single-member constituency, regardless of the voter turnout, emerges victorious.

The first candidate on the ballot is the member of the Democratic Party Ion Sula, an economist by profession. Since February 2014, during a year, he served as the director of the National Food Safety Agency and then, during a year, as the minister of agriculture and food industry nominated by the Liberal Democratic Party. In November 2018, he joined the  PDM, being named director general of the National Food Safety Agency. For the last two years, the candidate and his wife declared over 112,000 lei revenues. The family owns a car, a house and other property and a holding in Pavaje SRL (Jilava, Bucharest).

The second spot on the ballot is taken by the Party of Socialists’ candidate Nicolae Pascaru. He worked as a teacher-coach at the Taekwondo Federation and at the University of Humanistic Sciences. In September 2007, he registered the public association “Voievod” and became its president. Nicolae Pascaru for the past two years declared salary revenues of over 60,000 lei. From other activities, he earned another 20,000 lei and also gained over 28,000 lei allowances and US$10,000 in remittances from Russia. He owns eight plots of land, four apartments and two cars.

The Party of Communists’ candidate Ștefan Bivol, an engineer and economist by profession, is under No. 3. He is the first secretary of the Ialoveni district committee of the PCRM and a district councilor on behalf of this party. He manages “Velros –Trans” SRL. In July 2011 – October 2013, he served as the deputy head of Ialoveni district. For the last two years, the candidate and his wife declared almost 181,000 salary revenues and 5,400 lei from selling property. The candidate also earned 2,400 lei in councilor allowances. He owns three lots of land, an apartment and a car.

The Shor Party’s candidate Avelin Tabarcea, a theater and film actor, comes fourth. He works as the moderator of a talk show at Televiziunea Centrală TV in Orhei. For the last two years, the candidate declared almost 17,000 lei salary and 23,500 lei in allowances. He owns a car and parts of two apartments.

The candidate of the electoral bloc ACUM DA PAS Petru Frunze, a lawyer by profession, is under No. 5. He was elected mayor of Puhoi village of Ialoveni district in 2011, at the age of 26, and continues to hold this post. He is the head of the Ialoveni local organization of the Party “Action and Solidarity” and a member of this party’s Standing Bureau. Petru Frunze and his fife for the last two years declared almost  392,000 lei revenues. The candidate declared a donation of €3,500, 42,000 lei earned from selling property and over 26,000 lei child benefit. The family owns four lots of land, a house, an apartment, a cellar and three cars.

The IPN division “Know candidates in your constituency!” presents the candidates who compete in each single-member constituency in the order in which they were written on the ballot.

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