Kindergarten in Drojdieni is to be closed, parents protest

The kindergarten in Drojdieni village of Nisporeni district is to be closed and the children attending it will be moved to the kindergarten in the neighboring village Șișcani, which forms part of the same commune. The local authorities invoke financial difficulties, while parents say they are afraid to allow the children to go so far from home and demand that the mayor’s office should identify solutions to keep the local kindergarten open, IPN reports.

“There are over 30 children younger than seven in the village. We have to take them to the neighboring village, which is 4 km away. Those who are three-years-old are not admitted to the kindergarten. Of the older ones, only a part of the children are admitted. We have to stay with the children at home. We cannot go to work and cannot do housework as we have to stay with the kids,” stated Igor Limbas, the father of one of the children who was to go to this kindergarten.

Parent Iurie Postu said all the conditions have been created at the kindergarten so far and the parents are always receptive and lend a hand as they want their children to attend the kindergarten. “Yes, there are about 20 children, but how can we put them in the minibus each morning so that they are taken to the kindergarten in another village? They never invested money in Drojdieni. The money was channeled to the other two villages of the commune,” he stated.

A group of parents went to the mayor’s office to discuss with the mayor. They said it is hard for them to maintain the families and the closure of the kindergarten would be a very big problem for them. They filed complaints to the mayor’s office and to the district administration, but the decision wasn’t changed.

Contacted by IPN for a comment, mayor Vladimir Bodean said the building that hosted the kindergarten is old and he could not attract investments to renovate it. “I brought experts from the Moldova Social Investment Fund and tried hard to improve the conditions at this kindergarten, but didn’t manage to,” noted the mayor. He added that investments were made in the two kindergartens in the neighboring villages to which the children from Drojdieni are to be transferred and appropriate conditions were created there.

The decision to close the kindergarten is to be put to the vote in the August 26 meeting of the Şişcani local council.

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