Judges look for “political umbrellas” so as to be protected if they commit illegalities, statement

Influential persons from inside the judicial system look for “political umbrellas” and assume particular obligations before influential circles instead. On the one hand, the politicians this way ensure full control over court decisions. On the other hand, the judges who secure political support somehow ensure their immunity so as to be protected and not to be held accountable in case of eventual illegalities, former judge Mihai Murguleț, who is a member of the Association “Voice of Justice” and of the Association of Judges of the Republic of Moldova, stated in an interview for IPN.

Mihai Murguleț said that they have long spoken about selective justice in the Republic of Moldova. This happens because influence on the judicial system is exerted from outside and this is political influence and influence on the part of economic circles. Regrettably, some of the influential persons from inside the judicial system, on their own initiative, undertake particular obligations before these circles.

According to the ex-judge, the independence of judges should be guaranteed and not only on paper. Sometimes, it is easier for a judge to submit than to try to keep their independence. Even so, the number of those who oppose the attempts to be influenced from outside increases. This fact angers particular political forces, but the politicians should realize that things can no longer be tolerates and the justice system should be allowed to do its job.

Mihai Murguleț believes a part of the blame for the influence exerted on judges is borne by the Superior Council of Magistracy, which the politicians always tried to subdue. But the Council’s role is to protect the judges from influences coming from outside the system.

Mihai Murguleț also said that there are groups of judges inside the judiciary who have closer relations and together try to control particular things. An example is the former president of the Supreme Court of Justice who, even if he lost his post, is making effort to support a circle of judges so as to further control the judicial system.

The decree to dismiss Mihai Murguleț from the post of judge was published in the Official Gazette at the end of last week. The former judge challenged the decision. According to him, the decision to dismiss him was taken after he refused to comply with the instructions given by the vice president of the Ciocana branch of the Chisinau City Court who benefits from the “political umbrella” of the head of the President’s staff in charge of justice.

The interview titled “Moldovan justice, look from inside” forms part of IPN’s project “Injustice revealed through the multimedia”.

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