Iurie Leanca: I have experience on my side and solutions to existing problems

“I can say that I was the best Prime Minister, with a mandate during which our country saw many areas developing. We brought money to Moldova, signed the Association Agreement and obtained the visa-free regime. We repaired 800 kindergartens and built national and local roads, and started to build the Ungheni – Iasi gas pipeline.” These are a part of the trump cards that the candidate for President Iurie Leanca considers that he has in the October 30 elections. The candidate, who is under No. 3 on the ballot, developed these in an interview of a series of electoral interviews produced by IPN News Agency.

– Now that many experts and politicians consider that society is divided, what kind of President does the Republic of Moldova need?

– The President must unite the people by his actions. This must be the President of all the Moldovans and must listen to their voice and must exert pressure on the government so that people’s wishes are fulfilled. Positive, not negative messages should be promoted among the people and this was the wish that I expressed publicly for many times. The people, instead of learning the offers of the candidates, their projects and views on the country’s development, are besieged with negative messages. The false propaganda must stop.

– What made you run for President?

– I can say that I was the best Prime Minister, with a mandate during which our country saw many areas developing. We brought money to Moldova, signed the Association Agreement and obtained the visa-free regime. We repaired 800 kindergartens and built national and local roads, and started to build the Ungheni – Iasi gas pipeline. These are only some of the examples. Regrettably, the Moldovans can often be pleased with electoral promises only. I, unlike others, present myself before the people with accomplishments so that the people see and know what I promised and what I did. My promises do not remain simple words in the campaign. They are turned into deeds because I’m a man of my word.

On the other hand, at foreign level, my diplomatic experience enables me to discuss with the East and with the West. We must have good economic relations with both of the sides and this is the line I promote. I don’t agree with the dangerous message of other candidates, who try to wipe out the made progress and replace the country’s course. Here, I surely refer to Igor Dodon. I want my country to continue its road to the Vest because it is the only one that can bring welfare to Moldova. I suggest the Western line, while Dodon the Eastern line. But we can easily see which of the two methods is better, who is in a crisis and who sees economic growth. After the crisis of the last few years, the European Union returned to the path of growth, while the situation in Russia continues to worsen.

It is my obligation, as a politician, to struggle for the country’s welfare, which can be ensured by the road to the West. That’s why I have the obligation to run support this path. I don’t want in five years to think that I could have done more for Moldova. So, I do my best for our country to witness Western prosperity and to enjoy independent justice and rule of law.  We all know that this can happen only if we follow the path to the EU, not the course promoted by Dodon.

– Who are your biggest opponents in this campaign?

– I think you already realized who the biggest evil for our country is. The absolute evil for Moldova has a name and this is Igor Dodon. I say this because Dodon promotes a solution that will lead Moldova to collapse. He promises the people that Russia will save Moldova, but Russia hardly manages to cope by itself and feed its own people. At the same time, he wants to wipe out the progress we made in coming closer to the West. We did serious reforms and now he wants to destroy them. We worked hard to obtain the Association Agreement and the visa-free regime. These are two victories that we scored and our people can now work abroad and help financially their relatives who remained in Moldova. Also, our young people can study in the West. Dodon wants to take away these things from the people, but I cannot allow this to happen.

– What are your advantages compared with the other candidates?

– I’m the only candidate who has experience of working as a diplomat. I’m the only candidate who knows to speak and interact with other Presidents. My diplomatic experience will help me have good relations with the Heads of State and to successfully represent Moldova. I have diplomatic and governmental experience and will know what to do immediately after I take up office as President. The other candidates will need at least one year to adjust themselves to the office and to learn what they should do while in such a responsible post.

– What will you center on while in the office of President, depending on the powers enjoyed by the Head of State by law?

– I will have a lot of discussions with the Presidents from Europe, will bring money to Moldova and will seek support from them in the fight against corruption. I will invite specialists from the West to help us strengthen the state institutions. I will also be the voice of the people in the relationship with the Government.

– Do you think the future President should struggle for more powers?

– It is not a decision that should be taken by me. The people must pronounce on the issue.

– What first steps will you take as Head of State?

– I will assure our partners that Moldova will continue its road to the West and will discuss with them to get institutional support so as to identify all those who were involved in the theft of the US$1 billion and be able to recover the money. I will also ask for economic support for Moldova and will start the process of reforming the justice sector, which can no longer be delayed.

– How do you intend to change the state of affairs in the county and what is the area that you will start with?

– I will strengthen the state and the state institutions so as to root out corruption. Regretfully, our country is paralyzed by corruption. Imagine that we bring a particular area to a level when this can advance, but results cannot be seen owing to corruption. Thus, we cannot expect fundamental changes in an area and positive results if we do not crack down on corruption.

– Why should the people go and vote on October 30?

– The voters must choose the road – to the West or to the East. They must decide. They should choose the person who will represent them during the next four years. They will choose the person who will promote their interests before the Germans, Russians, French people, etc. The people wanted a lot to choose the Head of State themselves. They now have this occasion. But, as any vote, the vote for the President, besides being a right, is also a great responsibility. The people will vote for the own future and for the future of their children and the whole country. It is a big responsibility.

– Why should the people vote for you, not for other candidates?

– Because I can obtain more for Moldova! Because I proved, by my achievements, that I was the best Prime Minister and will be the best President. I have experience on my side and solutions to the existing problems. I have a vision on how Moldova can become prosperous. I want to bring welfare to our country because I care about the people and want to serve the interests of the Moldovans and work for their welfare.


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