Iurie Bolboceanu: Corruption exists and not only in judicial system

In the Republic of Moldova, corruption exists not only in the judicial system and in the prosecution service, but also in the whole system of government, said former MP Iurie Bolboceanu, who was convicted of treason in 2018 and was acquitted in November 2020 after the prosecutors dropped the charges.

In an interview for IPN, Iurie Bolboceanu said that during about ten years or more, the government in the Republic of Moldova has done what they wanted. “But what is more outrageous is with what impudence, sarcasm and contempt they do this, without taking into account the consequences of such actions. There was a period when the bribes weren’t even counted. These were collected in bags or sacks. Corruption expanded up in practically all the state institutions,” stated the ex-MP.

According to Bolboceanu, the European diplomats realized back in 2011-2012 that the Republic of Moldova goes towards dictatorship, towards state capture. In 2019, Parliament ascertained this fact, but it’s a pity that this ascertaining didn’t have consequences.

Iurie Bolboceanu noted that society always demands authentic justice and wants this, but not always chooses judiciously so that the persons who come to power satisfy these wishes of society. “We are turning into an impulsive, chaotic society. Lie is promoted and welcomed consciously, but when someone says that it is hard, which is true, we become offended,” he noted.

According to the ex-MP, the people should learn to give grades to the politicians according to merits, to be harsher towards the politicians who come to power and did nothing and should not vote those who discredited themselves. Things will improve only this way.

The interview was held in the framework of IPN’s project “Exposing injustice through the imedia”. Iurie Bolboceanu was arrested on March 17, 2017. In March 2018, he was sentenced to 14 years in prison for treason. Iurie Bolboceanu was accused of gathering and sending information of national interest, which could be used against the interests of Moldova, to officers of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, between October 5, 2016 and March 17, 2017. He was held for two years and three months, until a re-examination of the case was ordered. The criminal case against Iurie Bolboceanu forms part of the 38 political cases assessed by a group of prosecutors that was created last February following the Statements and Report of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which indicate a list with suspicions of illegal, abusive, selective and politically motivated prosecution of persons from the Republic of Moldova.

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