Iulian David: European government principle should be respected

The current government should set clear objectives in the administration program and should not allow points that could later lead to inappropriate consequences for the European course, vice president of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova Iulian David stated in a public debate titled “Resetting of relations with the EU: motives, chances, guarantees” that was organized by IPN News Agency and Radio Moldova.

“When the PDM took over, it showed what state a society that allowed not exactly legal things to be done can reach,” stated Iulian David, noting that if a European government principle is agreed, this should be respected. “The government should try and do at least this as, if we study its administration program, we see that the European development objective is mainly reduced to the problems in the justice sector that should be solved and to points that generate discussions in society, such as the de-politicization of particular institutions.”

According to the Lib-Dem, even if the PLDM is not in power, the former party colleagues that are now in the government should avoid the mistakes made by the PLDM while in power. Inappropriate points were agreed in the process of forming the previous allowances and governments and in setting priorities and this later led to a political disaster.

Iulian David noted the EU throughout history was open to cooperation with Moldova, collaborating also with the Party of Communists when this was in power. In the current situation, the EU gave a credit of trust to Moldova by unfreezing the financial assistance and now waits for results. “The actions of our politicians should be aimed correctly, at ensuring the wellbeing of the people and the country,” he stated.

The vice president of the PLDM said a PSRM - ACUM alliance could not be imagined before the last parliamentary elections and particular categories, such as the unionists, doubt this coalition. “We should not forget that the unionists, who form a large section of society, disprove of any discussion with pro-Eastern, pro-Russian parties. But the end justifies the means. In the current internal situation, I think this is the best solution, but surely the results count the most and the voters will be later able to pronounce.”

Addressing the people, the Lib-Dem said the citizens should realize that the change must come from them. If each person makes effort to build something without being hampered by the government, things will move on and will improve.

The public debate “Resetting of relations with the EU: motives, chances, guarantees” is the 114th installment of the series of debates “Developing political culture through public debates” that are held with support from the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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