Italian businessman Piero Leone: Italy is a big democratic power

Italy does not change its approach to the war in Ukraine and is solidary with the rest of the EU member states. Italian businessman Piero Leone, in an interview with IPN News Agency, stated that now that the Government of Italy will be headed by Giorgia Meloni, Italian society wants a paradigm change and the appointment of technocrats to key posts. According to him, not the policy but professionalism should prevail over the administration processes, IPN reports.

Giorgia Meloni is the first woman in history who will take over the Government in Rome after the right-wing coalition led by the party “Fratelli d’Italia” won the legislative elections of September 25. Italian businessman Piero Leone said the new Premier of his country has the capacity to develop Italy and to offer prosperity to society.

“Girogia Meloni has strict rules. She focuses on the young population as we should no longer think about us but should think about the young generation. I like her approach – that we should not appoint politicians to posts. In 2022, the policies are clear. We should leave politics aside and should name technocrats to posts. We should not have cases when engineers by profession are named to manage the Ministry of Health. We need technocrats who know the areas and are good managers,” stated Piero Leone.

He said the new Premier aims not to make the relations with the European Union more difficult but to transform Italy in a strong state that is respected on the international arena. Italy’s stance on Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine remains unchanged.

“There is a forged coalition in Italy already, Salvini with Berlusconi. The people already expect this coalition to be formalized. I don’t think the new collation will change the course as regards the situation in the East. Italy is interested in having constant cooperation with Europe. We should keep the policy of friendship with the EU member states. As regards the situation in Ukraine, even Berlusconi made trenchant statements. He apologized for the narrow approach he showed in relation to Russia. Italy’s position will not change and remains the same as the policy of the whole European community,” stated the businessman.

As regards the part of Moldova’s population that is nostalgic for the Soviet period, Piero Leone said that such a category of people exists in Italy too. However, in a real democracy, the minority obeys the rules of the majority.

“In Italy we also have the Communist Party. We have parties that are derivatives of fascism, which are nostalgic for particular periods. But we should take into account the fact that they form a minority, of several thousand people. Surely, in the Republic of Moldova there are also persons who are nostalgic for past periods, but these persons are not representative as a proportion of the population. We must take into consideration the preferences of the majority,” noted Piero Leone.

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