It has been 105 years of Union between Bessarabia and Romania

Two heads are better than one, Moldovan and Romanian officials reiterated in a scientific conference devoted to the 105th anniversary of the Union between Bessarabia and Romania. The event was held in the Union Hall of the Academy of Music, Theater and Plastic Arts of the Republic of Moldova, where the Declaration on the Union of the two Romanian states was signed 105 years ago, IPN reports.

The event involved high-ranking officials from Chisinau and Bucharest. Romanian Minister of Culture Lucian Romașcanu expressed his conviction that a moment of responsibility when the politicians will assume the unification of the two Romanian states that are separated by a border on the Prut, as in 1918, will come again.

“We are at home wherever they speak Romanian. We, the politicians, when history gives us a signal that the most delicate dream we have must be fulfilled, beyond the set border, we will have to do it at a certain moment. We can make this dream come true when this bell of history rings. Until then, we must struggle where we are and create preconditions for all our decisions to lead to the wellbeing of the people who elected us,” said Lucian Romașcanu.

Minister of Culture of Moldova Sergiu Prodan noted the historical truth should be realized by everyone. “It is a special day, in 105 years of the day the People’s Council voted to fulfill the people’s wish. The historical truth is always one and it is our duty to restore this truth,” stated the minister.

Former Romanian Premier, MP Ludovic Orban said that sooner or later, the artificial border on the Prut will be removed. “I believe the date of March 27 is fundamental in the history of Romania and it wasn’t erased by anyone. I’m convinced that a nation, a people will be together. I welcome the fact that we ultimately do not have the fictitious Moldovan language. I’m sure that this is a step forward,” noted the Romanian MP.

Romanian senator Titus Corlățean said that it’s time to openly speak about the union and also about the fact that “the conquerors every time try to change our identity and language. “I call on those who now govern in Romania and the Republic of Moldova to think in the same way as the People’s Council did in 1918,” said Titus Corlățean.

Andrei Daniel Gherghe, a member of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania, reiterated the message that the union should be an ideal, as it was in 1918. ”I believe in the union and believe that the union will be forged. It is the task of our generation. We should not be afraid to go till the end for our ideal. The union is legitimate. I think the People’s Council is a model,” he noted.

MP of the Party of Action and Solidarity of Moldova Petru Frunze stated that March 27 is a special day for the Romanians from both sides of the Prut River. “This makes us today be aware of the sacrifice made by our ancestors for the unity of the Romanian nation. It is our duty to take common steps. We see the common future. If the people from both sides of the Prut want more the Romanian nation to unify, we, the political class, are obliged to fulfill the Romanian people’s will. Our future is common and is alongside Romania in the European family,” said the Moldovan MP.

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