Istrate couple about COVID-19: It’s an ordeal that changes your life views

“It was an ordeal. It was a situation that actually changes your views about the world, life, existence,” lawyers Angela and Anatolie Istrate said, describing the COVID-19 virus that they contracted. The couple said that they received treatment in the hospital for 33 days, being hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia, and now they are recovering at home. The treatment is exhausting and costly. The married couple spoke about their experiences in an online interview entitled “Call to reason from ward of patients seriously ill from COVID-19” that was conducted by IPN News Agency.

According to Anatolie Istrate, those who consider that they cannot become infected are wrong as the virus does not choose depending on age or the social status. “I saw in the hospital young people, elderly persons who also suffered,” said the man. He condemns the behavior of those who refuse to wear masks and don’t maintain social distancing. He saw such behavior on the Chisinau City’s Day and on the Wine Day, following from the hospital the news bulletins on TV. It’s one thing to hear about this disease and another thing to see how patients struggle for life in the hospital.

After a month in the hospital, he was prescribed treatment at home for 15 days. The costs of drugs rise to 6,000 lei. “The virus that existed in summer had a different behavior. The current one has a different strain and is much more aggressive owing to the colder weather,” stated Anatolie Istrate. “The masks, gloves, disinfectant and social distancing are our protection.”

His wife Angela Istrate called on the people not to forget about the doctors, nurses who make effort to save lives amid the disseminated myths as to the non-existence of the virus. “This affects you deeper when you see how those infected suffer, what those who try to help you do and how irresponsible and neglectful are those who are in the public sphere and create circumstances for people who are responsible to become infected,” she stated.

The lawyer warned that this infection is not a joke. “People you see waking through the halls of the hospital are placed in intensive care in two hours and in nine days you are told that they died. This disease is severe and should be treated in the most serious way,” she stated, noting the virus affects all the internal organs, the nervous, vascular and immune systems. These attacks result in different diseases. The doctors told them that she and her husband will receive treatment during 7-8 more months and there is no certainty that they will recover fully.

Angela Istrate considers the authorities should optimize the activities to inform and sensitize the population so that the people have a realistic perception of this virus and its consequences.

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