Is Russia preparing a new expansion? What the regional media says

Signals are coming from various countries of the continent that Russia’s expansionist actions are being monitored, including in the self-styled “rmn” and the Gagauz autonomous unit in the Republic of Moldova, IPN reports.

In the Romanian paper “Adevărul”, Cristian Unteanu attests that across the Prut River, the aggressor repeats the model of saving the compatriots applied in Ukraine, where it succeeded, provoking in the area “a military conflict of high intensity, with very serious regional and continental consequences, which is constantly evolving”.

The author notes that Putin calls on Russia to honor the general commitment formulated for several times by the Kremlin leader: “to defend the interests of Russian minorities wherever they are, an operation that was practically started by invading Crimea, then the territory of Ukraine and recognizing the statehood of the self-proclaimed republics in the east, which were then integrated into the national territory of the Russian Federation,,” wrote the Romanian journalist.

Moreover, the author states that the phrase “request for protection” was also used in the case of Romania. “The wording went down in history as it was uttered by Romanian MEP Laszlo Tokes, who asked Hungary’s prime minister for “the status of protective power vis-à-vis the Hungarians abroad.

In the summer of 2013, more precisely on July 27, Laszlo Tokes, who held the office of MEP, at the Balvanyos Summer University asked the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, to build together with the Government he leads “a system of national cooperation” so as to offer “protectorate” to Transylvania.

The scenarios are old and solid, concludes the author, but are interpreted by professionals who were well-trained at new schools of disinformation and conflict preparedness. “Is anyone interested in an emergency discussion about the inflaming of strategic uncertainties?” he asks.

In Bulgaria, the justification of Transnistrian secessionism is promoted through disinformation of another kind. Under the current promise of Russian aid to Tiraspol, “Поглед.инфо” borrows from a Kremlin source the rebuke to the Chisinau authorities for not appreciating what Russia has done for the territory between the Prut and the Nistru since 1812 with the decimation of the Moldovan land, before it was constituted as part of the Romanian state. In the author’s view, the Republic of Moldova is “a republic gathered, like Ukraine, “from pieces”, with an arbitrarily chosen name”.

Instead, there are revealed former rulers’ claims that the republic represents “no more, no less than the successor of the medieval Moldovan state”. Consequently, they mock the “benevolent one”. The leaders of the MSSR, willingly or unwillingly, became the heirs of the great rulers Alexander the Good and Stephen the Great. Because of this, as the publication asserts, national prejudice against “alien” peoples that didn’t want to dissolve into the “majority” nation became possible”. The Bulgarians are told that these follies “led to the Moldovan-Transnistrian conflict and to the artificially created territorial division of the Republic of Moldova.”

The conclusion is strictly in the spirit of the invasion of Ukraine: “if the Moldovan elites continue to lead their people on this path, then new disasters, alas, cannot be avoided.”

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