Irina Vlah: We will have new governor in Gagauzia by end-May

Even if the campaign prior to the governor elections in Gagauzia is passive, a new governor will take over in Gagauzia by the end of this May, said incumbent governor Irina Vlah. If the citizens ignore the governor election set for the end of April, the law allows rerunning the elections, IPN reports.

The Bashkan of Gagauzia Irina Vlah voiced hope that the next governor of the region will continue the modernization projects. The region develops primarily owing to the projects financed by Turkey and the European Union.

“I think we have changed Gagauzia during these eight years and the situation in the region is now better. We can pass on a more educated region as we invested more money in education. We invested in healthcare, in infrastructure. We built five new kindergartens. We built and renovated hospitals and roads. We can now speak about a modern, united Gagauzia that is part of the Republic of Moldova. I hope the new governor will continue our projects. The election campaign only started and is not very active. For me, it is strange that they don’t speak about this election. Under the law, if the people do not go to the polls, the elections can be rerun in two weeks. I think we will have a new governor by the end of May,” Irina Vlah stated in the program “Reflection Points” on Vocea Basarabiei channel.

According to the governor, the pro-European parties didn’t field candidates for the post of Bashkan of Gagauzia as they do not want to work in the region to gain the voters’ sympathy. The PAS president Igor Grosu earlier announced that the ruling party will not have a candidate for governor in the election in Gagauzia, but will monitor the correctness of the voting process there.

“I’m surprised that the pro-European parties didn’t provide candidates for the election in Gagauzia. However, to have a candidate there, one should work permanently in the region. During eight years, I have knocked at the door of all the governments and proposed implementing joint projects. Now I encounter problems with the PAS, with the Recean Cabinet. There was never earlier a situation when a Cabinet member was not allowed to speak. We plead for dialogue and compromise. We showed that we can have good relations with different parties and different governments, but the dialogue should involve two sides,” stated Irina Vlah.

The governor election in Gagauzia will take place on April 30.

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