IPN Yesterday in brief, for 5 October 2019

Meteorologists have issued a code yellow of frost. Thus, during the period October 7-9, in the night and morning hours, frosts of -1 ...- 3 degrees Celsius are expected on the surface of the ground and isolated in the air. Termoelectrica announces that it is ready to provide heating services to Chisinau apartment blocks. The procedure of connecting to the heating system remains the same. Consumers can request access to heating services at any time, without waiting for a decision from the local authorities. The connection procedure takes up to 3 hours.

The government will request the cancellation of the privatization contract of the Air Moldova company as a result of identifying the dolus malus upon its signature, which attracts the relative nullity of the sale transaction of the state-owned enterprise. At the same time, a claim for damages caused by the breach of contractual obligations by the buyer will be submitted. A decision in this regard was approved on Friday, October 4, by the Parliament, which took note of the report and conclusions of the Committee of Inquiry for the evaluation of the preparation and conduct of the privatization of Air Moldova. Moreover, the Parliament asks the Government to start the procedure for cancelling the Airport concession.

Judges are legally entitled to hold general assemblies, but the way the recent General Assembly of Judges took place, the speed with which the decisions were examined and pronounced, lead to suspicions that someone organized the actions form the shadow. The opinion belongs to Tatiana Răducanu, resigning judge, former member of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM). "During the PD-era, there was a group of intangible judges who could do anything, they had protection and nothing happened to them. Now, when these judges have witnessed the chairman of the Supreme Court of Justice being detained for 72 hours, they think of doing something as it is their turn,” says Tatiana Răducan. In her opinion, this group of judges is influential because some of them hold administrative positions.

The starvation policy, applied in Bessarabia in the first years of the second Soviet occupation, which culminated in the famine organized in 1946-1947, is presented in a documentary film, released Thursday evening, at the National Library. "Through this film we tried to identify what were the causes, the purpose, the methods by which the Bessarabians were starved, how they survived. And we endeavored to demonstrate once again by what methods the memory of the Bessarabians was erased and why in every settlement we have common graves of those who died of hunger. And in fact, most of the time, either there are stones on them, or fences, or even a country road”, declared Mariana Țăranu, doctor of history, one of the authors of the film..

The decision of the Venice Commission on the justice reform project will become known on October 11th. The statement belongs to the President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon. "I understand there are some questions. We have the political will to go further," said the head of state. At the same time, Igor Dodon says that as far as the Government is concerned, the Socialists will not support tax increases and other measures in the fiscal and budgetary policy affecting the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. "Moreover, we will insist on the social block. There are initiatives of the president that have been put forward - regarding retirement, winter period aid and we will insist on these laws and we have shown where we can find resources. And we tell our partners very clearly that the alliance means consensus and compromise on both sides,” said Igor Dodon.

The Democratic parliamentary group says it is ready to offer the votes needed to appoint a prosecutor general from Europe. The Democratic group leader Pavel Filip accused ACUM of backtracking on its electoral promise and of striking a secret deal with the Socialists to share key law enforcement offices between each other. “The Prosecutor General’s Office is now an instrument in the hands of the current government and it’s obvious for everybody that the latest criminal cases have been opened on the orders of those in power,” declared the Democratic leader. The Democratic Group proposed introducing the initiative in Friday’s parliamentary orders of the day, but the proposal was voted down.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe rejected an amendment submitted by Russia regarding the situation of Russian troops in Transdniestria and another amendment submitted by Turkey that envisaged a wider autonomy for Gagauzia. Radio Free Europe writes in its online issue that in the Resolution adopted by the PACE in Strasbourg European parliamentarians welcome the steps taken by the new government in Chisinau to identify those who are responsible for using public institutions for the benefit of private, party or business interests, in particular setting up several committees of inquiry by the Parliament.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Research specifies that the examination of the project documentation in order to coordinate the interventions to historical monuments, in their protection areas or in protected built areas, does not fall within the competence of the Monument Inspection and Restoration Agency, led by Ion Stefanita. The specification is made in the context of statements by Ion Stefanita, who has said that lately the activity of the National Council of Historical Monuments, subordinated to the ministry, has become bureaucratic.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection asks the Center for centralized public procurement in health area to negotiate the reduction of volumes with the company contracted for the delivery of Strim (Insulinum glarginum). According to the minister, although specialists in the field warned of the risk of such a decision, however, the former head of the ministry ordered the purchase of Strim insulin, a solution for injection, biosimilar, of Ukrainian production, with the contract value of 62.7 million lei. A plan to distribute this type of insulin, based on the newly estimated quantity, was missing at that time. Purchases, which cannot be used, were made in large quantities.

Andrei Năstase is the mayoral candidate that got the most coverage in online news sources, concluded the authors of “Monitoring the presence of candidates for the general mayor position in online news” report compiled by the WatchDog.md Community. According to the monitoring report, which covered the period September 9-22, Andrei Năstase appeared in 225 news items, the second most covered candidate was Vladimir Cebotari, with 161 stories, while Ion Ceban and Octavian Țîcu shared the third place, with 90 appearances each, on Unimedia, jurnal.md, point.md, publika.md, Agora, mail.ru, moldova.org, protv.md, deschide.md, newsmaker.md and noi.md.

2019 elections protagonists in news headlines: „Ion Ceban promises to thermally insulate a hundred blocks per year”;Dumitru Tira calls attention to some elements of limiting the freedom of expression”;Vlad Turcanu: I will conduct surveys among capital’s inhabitants to understand their priorities”.

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