IPN Yesterday in Brief, for 21 august 2019

The Government has approved the list of the National Award winners for the year 2019. The winners were selected from 33 submitted applications. The National Award comes with a cash prize of 100,000 lei.

The visit of the Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu to Moldova, who planned to meet his counterpart Pavel Voicu on August 24, cannot be considered official, says Maia Sandu. The prime minister requested that the Moldovan ambassador to Moscow, Andrei Neguța, be summoned to Chisinau to explain how this visit was organized without the Government being notified.

The Government declared  August 23 as the Day of Commemoration of the Victims of all Totalitarian and Authoritarian Regimes. "By instituting such a day, we firmly and unequivocally condemn all crimes against humanity and serious human rights violations committed by all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes," Prime Minister Maia Sandu said. On August 23, at 10.00 am, the Government and the public authorities will keep a moment of silence. Maia Sandu urged the media to support the initiative and at 8 pm, when most citizens watch the television programs - to observe a minute of silence in the memory of those killed, deported, starved or tortured.

The DA party calls on the relevant state institutions to establish a moratorium on any transactions involving the Chisinau International Airport. The party demands that the transaction between Avia Invest and NR Investments Ltd not be recognized legal until there is a final court decision regarding the Chisinau Airport original concession, based on the criminal investigation initiated by the Prosecutor General's Office and CNA. The DA party reacts to the result of the agreement concluded two days ago, that allows NR Investments Ltd to acquire 95% of Avia Invest, the airport concessionaire.

President Igor Dodon is summoning the Supreme Security Council (CSS) for an emergency meeting in connection with the purchase of Avia Invest. "I ask the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure and all the state institutions to prepare the information related to this transaction, through which the company responsible for crimes perpetrated at the airport, including smuggling and escape of criminals from the country, was sold, and the lease for another 43 years was passed to another company," Igor Dodon wrote in a Facebook post.

Representatives of the National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and other NGOs support the amendment to the Law on waste of August 14, which reintroduces an article that allows the co-incineration of non-recyclable waste. In an statement issued on Tuesday, the representatives demand the resignation of Violeta Ivanov from the position of chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Environment and Regional Development, after the MP requested that these legislative changes not be enacted. The statement says that currently, all of Europe incinerates and co-incinerates solid non-recyclable household waste which is being compressed as RDF bales. The bales represent an energy source for European countries. Thus, plastic containers contaminated with foodstuff and huge quantities of domestic and imported packaging (bags, casseroles, boxes, etc.) that turns into waste, can be co-incinerated as alternative fuel and not stored or buried into the ground.

The Constitutional Court declared inadmissible judge Domnica Manole’s request to revise the decisions of August 19 whereby Vladimir Turcan was elected CC Chairman and Liuba Șova was appointed caretaker for when Turcan needs to be away. In order to elucidate the existence of circumstances which would fundamentally change the decision, judge Liuba Șova submitted to the Court an explanation that, at the time of the vote, she "had confidence in the legality, independence and impartiality of this process [i.e. the voting process]”. She believed that "the result of the secret vote expressed at the Court’s plenary is fair and legal" and said that she did not question it from a procedural point of view.

Igor Dodon believes that no one wants to seize all power in the Republic of Moldova. In his opinion, "the only chance for all is balance; the balance in the governing coalition, which is now between different political forces with different visions, the external balance, including in the foreign policy. This is the only chance for the Republic of Moldova, it cannot be only to the left or to the right, because then certain conflicts and risks might appear, including geopolitical ones”. To this end the Socialist Party prepared a draft collaboration agreement between PSRM and ACUM Bloc. The head of state says that this draft agreement was sent last week to Prime Minister Maia Sandu and to Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior Andrei Năstase. "I believe that for the most part, this agreement is ready and it should be signed. With or without the signature of the president of the country, this is to be decided together," Igor Dodon said in an interview for Radio Free Europe.

According to Valeriu Munteanu, for several years the Moldova Government has been simulating discussions with Romania as regards the reduction of roaming tariffs, and this is "a big scam". Valeriu Munteanu says that "it gives the impression that it is working, that sides should agree, that Romania should give up something", while "the reduction of roaming charges between the two Romanian states depends exclusively on the Moldovan Government”. According to USB leader, the issue is a political one, not economic or otherwise, and it should not take years to solve it.

The procedure for the amicable settling of minor accidents, in case of holding the insurance policy for internal motor civil liability, will become possible from September, six months after the publication of the new provisions in the Official Monitor. Upon its entry into force, car drivers involved in minor accidents could reach an agreement, signing an amicable settlement, thus avoiding fines and penalty points. Asked by IPN, CNPF deputy chair, Iurie Filip, stated that the amicable settling form would be issued by the insurer upon processing of the insurance. If the insurance is already processed and the driver was involved in a minor accident, he will request the application form from the insurance company. The new regulations require that, if drivers have reached an agreement, the culprit shall contact his car insurer. As a result, both drivers involved in the accident shall fill in and sign the form. Consequently, it will be submitted to the insurer, without the involvement of the Police. Thus, drivers will be exempted from administrative punishment.

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