MARCH DIGEST. Most important news articles of „IPN Chișinău” news flow

March 1: More than 140 children attend the ten day centers for children and families at risk, opened in 2023 by the Chisinau City Hall in partnership with UNICEF. Boys and girls aged between 7 and 18 and their families, including refugees, have access to specialized services and programs, which include personalized assistance, individual and group psychological counselling, as well as access to spaces equipped with teaching materials, robotic equipment.

March 1: Legal entities will obtain the right to use the local symbolism of the municipality of Chisinau based on a new regulation, approved at the meeting of the Chisinau Municipal Council. The document offers an exhaustive approach to the notion of local symbolism. If until now this referred only to the toponym Chisinau, from now on it will include the coat of arms and the flag of the municipality of Chisinau, the coats of arms and flags of the sectors that make up the city, the official or historical name Chisinau, as well as the sectors of the capital, written in any type and translations theirof, used separately or in combination with other verbal or figurative elements. The notion also refers to the image of architectural and historical landmarks of Chisinau.

March 2: At most 5,000 burials are carried out annually at the cemeteries of Chisinau. Out of the ten cemeteries managed by the municipal burial services enterprise “Combinatul Servicii Funerare”, burials take place mainly on the territory of Saint Lazarus Cemetery. Due to the lack of available space, the leasing of burial plots at the Central Cemetery located on Armeneasca St was stopped, with some exceptions.

March 2: Youth organizations based in the capital city and suburban settlements can obtain nonreimbursable funds to implement projects that promote the personal and professional development of young people. This became possible thanks to the municipal grant program launched by the Chisinau City Hall, with a total budget of 2.5 million lei. Projects can be submitted electronically until March 19.

March 4: Municipal bus routes No. 14 and No. 15, which were launched last year, will not be closed. This subject wasn’t even discussed, mayor of Chisinau Ion Ceban said following local reports. “I urge the residents of Codru not to pay attention to the rumors spread through the suburb. I understood that particular persons from the Codru mayor’s office collect signatures from people and lie to them about the closure of the routes. Don’t believe them,” noted the mayor general.

March 4: The spring cleanup campaign started in the municipality of Chisinau. As every year, all the municipal entities will be involved, as well as volunteers. “I want to call on all the residents of Chisinau to every day join our cleanup campaigns so that we have a cleaner city, but also urge those who don’t accept this invitation to refrain from storing waste and damaging goods,” the head of the General Housing and Amenities Division Ion Burdiumov stated in the ordinary meeting of officials of municipal services.

March 4: Aproximately 1,000 street dogs would be sterilized in Chisinau this year. The municipality will select through competition a company that will be responsible for capturing stray animals and will conduct a campaign to encourage the adoption of stray animals. Ruslan Darie, acting head of the municipal enterprise “Supervision and Protection of Animals” , said that stray dogs are sterilized, dewormed and placed at the municipal shelter. The records are kept according to an electronic register.

March 5: A new fitness/workout ground was built in Râșcani district of the capital city. A playground was put up in Buiucani district. The General Housing and Amenities Division said that new slides and multicolored swings of different shapes were set up at 113 Alba-Iulia St. In total, ten such playgrounds are to be built. Four of them were already finished. The works are part of the Municipal special-purpose program for the construction of playgrounds in courtyards of apartment buildings.

March 6: The municipality of Chisinau will fix over 150 digital information panels at waiting stations in the capital city this year. Deputy mayor Ilie Ceban said that five such panels have been installed so far and passengers on them can see how long it will take for the trolleybus or bus they are waiting for to arrive at the station.

March 6: The Chisinau municipality aims to finalize electronic ticketing in public transport by 2025. A Romanian company has been selected to conduct a survey to this end. Deputy Mayor Ilie Ceban said that, through the EU-funded “MOVE IT like Lublin” project, the municipality selected the fields of development together with external partners, one of these objectives being electronic ticketing.

March 12: The Chisinau City Hall puts up for sale a number of lots of land in the built-up area of the municipality. The land auction involving 16 lots intended for various purposes is to take place on March 29. The lots selected for auction are between 0.0379 ha and 1.6521 ha in area and their initial price varies from 500,000 lei to 50,000,000 lei.

March 12: The Better Learning Program has expanded to four other educational institutions in Chisinau. These are the high schools “Antioh Cantemir”, “Gloria”, “Matei Basarab” and “Dacia”. Valentin Crudu, head of the Institutional Management Unit of the General Division of Education, Youth and Sport of Chisinau, said that in the context of the humanitarian crisis, overcoming stress factors in the educational institution is a challenge that must be dealt with so as to ensure the wellbeing of the student and teacher. The training courses attended by teachers of the aforementioned institutions aim to contribute to their wellbeing. Subsequently, the support network will expand and ensure a favorable psycho-emotional climate for education employees, students and their families.

March 12: Mayor of Chisinau Ion Ceban and deputy mayor Ilie Ceban are taking part in the second global meeting of the “Partnerships for Sustainable Cities” Program in Barcelona, which gathers together representatives from over 100 cities and municipalities. The meeting is held at an important moment as for many of the 57 partnerships between cities, 2024 will be the last year of implementation, noted Ion Ceban.

March 13: The municipality of Chisinau has launched the information platform “e-tineret.md”, which is an online portal dedicated to young people. It offers quick and easy access to a wide range of information about the resources available for personal and professional development at youth centers and youth organizations in Chisinau. By visiting the site, those interested can find the most recent information about events arranged in a monthly calendar.

March 13: Since the opening of the mother-child maternal placement center in Chisinau in July 2023, 11 mothers with 22 children have crossed its threshold. The municipality noted that the center is an oasis of support and prevention of abandonment. It is a free and confidential service that operates non-stop. The first maternal center for mothers and for children older than six years in the capital was created to prevent severe domestic violence and the separation of children from their mothers. The center offers accommodation, a safe and supportive environment for mothers with children who are victims of domestic violence or human trafficking, services for developing parental skills of mothers in situations of social risk, psychological counseling.

March 18: As from August 2024, the staff members in schools will match the number of students of the institution. Andrei Pavaloi, deputy head of the Chisinau General Division of Education, Youth and Sports, stated that this is stipulated in an order issued by the Ministry of Education and Research, which will particularly affect small institutions. This will happen mainly in the suburban settlements of the municipality and also in some schools of the capital city which have fewer than 200-300 students.

March 19: The Chisinau City Hall is asking the Municipal Council’s approval to buy 43 used trolleybuses from Riga. The Skoda 24 Tr and Grand Solaris Trollino vehicles have been put for auction by Rigas Satiksme, the transit authority of the Latvian capital. The trolleybuses are equipped with both air conditioning and heating systems, among other features.

March 21: A crèche is being set up at the General Division for Culture and Cultural Heritage as part of a pilot project that supports parents and creates friendly workplaces, which was initiated by the Chisinau City Hall that. According to the municipality, workplace crèches are increasingly popular because the parents want to get into work faster, while employers want to offer more possibilities to young specialists.

March 21: A number of 500 transport units in Chisinau municipality were equipped with bactericidal devices. Air disinfection equipment is installed to protect travelers from viruses and bacteria and prevent their spread. The Chisinau City Hall said that the ultraviolet recirculatory is recommended by public health specialists. It is designed to disinfect the air in the presence of people.

March 21: The Chisinau Mayor’s Office and the Charity Center for Refugees NGO signed a collaboration agreement for a period of 5 years. The document provides for the protection of human rights, development of projects in social protection, good governance and administration.

March 26: The Chisinau residents from the private sector and also the housing sector managers are warned not to throw vegetative waste, such as grass, dry leaves, plant debris, tree or shrub branches into containers on municipal waste storage platforms. In connection with the ongoing spring cleanup campaign in Chisinau, the cleanup company “Autosalubritate” warns the citizens to comply with the rules for collecting vegetative waste and take this to specially designated places. Also, the housing sector managers are asked to inform the workers responsible for cleanness in courtyards of blocks about the correct vegetative waste storing method.

March 28: The Chisinau City Hall and the Directorate for Children’s Rights have launched an information campaign aimed at preventing conflicts and cultivating better family relationships.

March 29: Vehicle traffic on March 30 will move on a single lane from “Gheorghe Paladi” Municipal Clinical Hospital” located at 20 Melestiu St, along the viaduct, Ciuflea Street, Stefan cel Mare si Sfânt Boulevard, up to the Triumphal Arch in the Square of the Metropolitan Cathedral, with the diverting of vehicles onto adjoining streets. The restriction is valid for the period between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

March 29: The Chisinau City Hall has announced the launch of the Platform for Chisinau – European Youth Capital 2027. Through this platform, the municipality aims to collect innovative ideas, identify the specific needs of young people in the city and work out a complex action plan that reflects the aspirations and potential of the candidate for the title of European Youth Capital.

March 30: Starting Monday, April 1, parents in Chisinau can submit online the documents for enrolling their children in the first grade. The procedure consists of for two stages. The first stage will take place between April 1 and May 24, while the second was planned for June 3-17. The first stage involves the submission and validation of applications, documents for enrollment in the first grade of children who reach the age of seven by September 1, 2024. It is mandatory that the child’s place of residence corresponds to the school district. The registration form will be submitted on the platform escoala.chisinau.md and will include the application for the registration of the child, the identity card of the parent or legal representative of the child and the child’s birth certificate, the Chisinau City Hall said.

March 30: Chisinau hosts an annual event that brings together young people fond of acting – the Municipal Youth Theater Festival OSTENDE. On Saturday, March 30, the theater troupes included in the program of the contest festival will perform starting at 11:00 at the “Satiricus Ion Luca Caragiale” National Theater. By March 5, the interested troops completed the registration form. After an analysis of the submitted videos, there were selected the theatre troupes that were included in the program of the festival-competition.

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